HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from UFC Fight Night 87

By Frank Hyden, MMATorch Contributor

UFC Fight Night 87 was this past weekend from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Let’s get right to the rundown. MMAcolumnist-HydenFrank_300x250

UFC Fight Night 87

GOOD: Heather Jo Clark vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz

This was a fun striking affair. Clark had some good moments, but it was usually Kowalkiewicz throwing major flurries every chance she got. Her output was very high and she was doing good damage, so it wasn’t a surprise when she won the decision. Kowalkiewicz is a name to remember in the women’s strawweight division. Her striking is good enough that she’s going to challenge anyone and everyone in that division. She might even get the next title shot in the division, depending on how the UFC wants to play things.

GOOD/BAD/UGLY: Nikita Krylov submits Francimarr Barroso

This was an ugly and extremely sloppy fight. Even the finish was ugly, as it was a case of Krylov getting the rear-naked choke in about as sloppy a way as you could get. Both guys were trying hard (mostly) so that’s the GOOD. Their technique was BAD, and made the fight UGLY. I kind of enjoyed this fight, but I was also about three beers in, so…

GOOD: Germaine de Randamie stops Anna Elmose

Things took a little bit to get going, but then de Randamie started working the clinch game and landing some brutal knees. When those are landing, fights aren’t going to last long, and de Randamie finished things off with a right hand. Big win for her in front of the home country crowd.

GOOD: Gunnar Nelson submits Albert Tumenov

Nelson looked very crisp with his striking and footwork, and of course his ground game was great. He was able to avoid most of Tumenov’s power strikes, and when he got the fight to the ground it was just about over. Nelson is so good on the ground that he makes it look so easy when he transitions to side control or mount. He had also worked the body early and that surely made a big difference as well. Another good submission win for Nelson.

GOOD: Stefan Struve stops Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva

Silva rushed Struve, got dropped, and then Struve unleashed hellbows until the ref stepped in. Big time win for Struve, even if it was over a guy who’s been done for a while. I don’t like telling guys to retire, but Silva needs to call it a career. His chin is just completely gone. He can’t take any punches anymore. I’m happy for Struve as he continues his comeback from health issues, but anytime that Silva fights you worry about his long term health. The UFC will probably cut him, but I think for his own safety he needs to just walk away.

GOOD/GREAT: Alistair Overeem stops Andrei Arlovski

The GREAT is for the finish, which saw Overeem go Karate Kid to kick Arlovski right in the face. It was a great highlight reel finish. The rest of the fight was a little dull, but I can’t go BAD for it because neither guy wanted to get stopped so they were being tentative. It sucks when it’s like that, but it’s smart.

Overeem has to get the next title shot without question. There’s no one else it can be. He might be a jerk, but he’s got four wins in a row, three by finish. He’s done enough to deserve it. Hell, he did more than enough before this fight to deserve the next title shot, but the UFC went a different way. It would be mind-blowingly stupid for them to pass him over again. The only question is, when does he get the shot? He mentioned November, but the UFC might want him to get the shot before then. I guess we’ll see, but there can be no doubt that he’s getting the next title shot now. The home country fighters had a good night and it was great hearing the crowd go crazy for them. The electric atmosphere elevates an already good event into one that was incredibly fun and entertaining to watch. Here’s hoping the upcoming events live up to this one.

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