MMATorch Daily Top Five 3/31: Top MMA Quotes of the Week

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

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3/31/16: Top Five Quotes of the Week

In our new regular Thursday feature, today we list out the most newsworthy, entertaining, or incendiary quotes of the week.

5. Ronda Rousey on realizations after Holly Holm loss: “Every single setback, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just the beginning of that lesson. That had to happen for me to learn these certain things and it’s not about being completely infallible, it’s about getting better and there’s no room for improvement in perfect.”

4. Frankie Edgar’s manager on Conor McGregor: “The only person who needs to step up and say he wants to fight Frankie is Conor. But I don’t believe he wants to because he and everyone else knows that Frankie would whoop his ass. I have [zero] respect for a champion who ducks contenders and that’s that.”

3. Brock Lesnar on his sporting legacy: “I couldn’t even tell you where my UFC titles are or my WWE championships or my NCAA plaque, my heavyweight plaque. I don’t even now where that is right now. But I do know one thing – how much money’s in my bank account.”

2. New York’s Aljamain Sterling on not waiting for UFC’s NYC debut: “I want to fight now. I need a fight now. The kid needs to get paid. There’s bills to be paid, there’s people that need to get choked out, and there’s a belt that’s shining and I see the light. I want to go get after that.”

1. Jon Jones to Albuquerque officer during traffic stop: “No, you’re not just doing your job. You’re f***in’ picking this Corvette out for no reason. Blaming me for all this sh*t that you know isn’t true… Ridiculous. You’re a f***ing liar. Good luck trying to prove that I was speeding because you know that I wasn’t.”

[Photo (c) Bill Streicher via USA Today Sports]

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