3 Fights To Watch UFC 269

  • Kai Kara-France vs Cody Garbrandt

The one punch knockout power alone makes this a fight to watch. This fight is all about Garbrandt and whether or not he can become relevant again. “Don’t Blink” should be Cody’s nickname, not a guy that wins by decisions almost half of the time. Kai is looking to make a splash with a big win over the former champ but I don’t see that happening if Cody utilizes his wrestling properly.

  • Raulian Paiva vs Sean O’ Malley

Again, one punch knockout power is going to butts in seats. O’ Malley is a bona-fide clown, he even dresses the part however, he’s got a lot of wins and very few losses. 

At 21 wins and just 3 losses, Paiva is no stranger to success in the octagon. Raulian Paiva is a decision machine though, hardly finishing anyone. On second thought, this one may not be as exciting as I once thought. Paiva just may do enough to make it go the distance, avoiding knockout loss but not doing enough to actually win.

  • Pedro Munhoz vs Dominick Cruz

Will this continue to be the fall of a legend, what used to be one of the G.O.A.T.s is now on the prelims. Some say that it is a good thing to have good matchups on the prelims, I am of that school of thought. Others believe that you should save all of the good fights for the main card. Cruz only has 3 losses! Yet, we talk about him as if he’s a ghost that haunts from a bygone era. One loss was even controversial so there’s that as well. I know people don’t like Dominick Cruz’s attitude but they need to put some respect on his name.

A decision loss to Aldo isn’t that bad, especially when you don’t get a decision most of the time so I don’t believe that Pedro is in a must win situation…yet but a loss could put him on the chopping block. Both Munhoz and Cruz could be on the hot seat and that seems pretty unfair but MMA is a what have you don’t for me lately sport and lately they have costly losses (even if it’s not many)

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