Jose Aldo tells UFC he won’t accept any fight other than a title bout, wants Conor McGregor “any time, anywhere”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo’s manager said this week he was willing to wait out a year or more if necessary in order to get his rematch for the UFC Featherweight Championship, and Aldo himself has now backed that up in a new post on Instagram.

The former UFC Featherweight Champion says he’s only willing to fight for that title, though he’s ready to fight Conor McGregor anywhere at any time, and he hopes the UFC will follow through.

Hi everyone, I was quiet for a while because i was waiting for my rematch based on how the fight Went down, in fact I was already training for it, but apparently I was wrong. So I wanted to make something clear to UFC: for everything I have done, everything I have accepted and mostly how the fight ended, I will not accept any other fight other than a title shot. My only exception would be fighting [Conor McGregor], at any time, anywhere, and once that he is [scared] and knows that I’m gonna win …. Doesn’t have to be title fight against him. Keep my belt, but I wanna whoop [your] ass anywhere.

[Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, UFC] keep [your] word. I still believe in the company that I work for.

Penick’s Analysis: Aldo’s making his play to be the Featherweight Title challenger at UFC 200, and though that would screw over Frankie Edgar once again, it’s a reasonable fight to make. It’s hard to say what the UFC will do here, and it may depend on what happens with McGregor and Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 197, but Aldo speaking out and making his stance clear is probably the right move. The more vocal he can be on that front, the more he can potentially move things in his favor.

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