3 Fights To Watch 5-18-24

Adrian Yanez vs Vinicius Salvador

After losing 2 straight, Yanez may find himself on the hotseat soon if he loses another fight. He only has 5 losses, 3 by decision so it’s not like he’s a scrub. He could be on the decline though. The fight should have a finish. Yanez has to keep from getting knocked out, it’s happened his last 2 fights.

Vinicius Salvador is int the same boat. He has one more loss, lost 2 straight, has 3 decision losses. Salvador’s 13 KOs should worry Yanez who has been KO’d in his last 2 fights. If I had to pick I wouldn’t because both of their backs are to the wall but in these situations fighters in the UFC tend to play it very safe, hoping for a decision in their favor.

Kalinn Williams vs Carlston Harris

Winner of his last 2 fights, Harris is looking for his 20th win against Williams. Almost half of those wins are via decision so it won’t be pretty.

Kalinn Williams is looking for win number 15, half of his wins have also come by way of decision.

Similar records l, maybe they both feel each other out for 3 rounds hoping not to lose. I hope I’m wrong but this is one of the most interesting fights on the card. It’s a problem fighters in the UFC tend to have. They want to stay in the organization so they coast when they can just to hopefully stay aboard.

Edson Barboza vs Lerone Murphy

Murphy is looking to go through Barboza to make a name for himself. Going undefeated is great but  would be better is knocking off a veteran name like Barboza. This has to be by KO, not decision,  a decision isn’t impressive enough

Edson Barboza is on a 2 fight win streak and isn’t looking to slowdown. Beating a younger undefeated fighter on the rise is  as nuch a feather in your cap as beating a veteran like himself.

Final Take

This card won’t be winning any awards but ita all we got from the UFC this weekend. There will be plenty of cards to complain about and this would be one of them but there will be an even worse card no far from now so I’ll save my rant for later. There is zero hype and marketing around any of these cards. The UFC needs to be taken over by the WWE, the UFC cares nothing about its fighters, their well-being or their presentation.  If this were WWE it would at least have some buzz.

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