3 Fights To Watch 4-6-24

Norma Dumont vs Germaine de Randamie

I’m sure most people forgot all about de Randamie even being on the roster.

Norma will be looking to get yet another decision. This isn’t a fight to watch because of how great its going to be. What we want to figure out is who the hell cares? Meaning, which one of them is going to bring it? Who actually wants it more. Dumont should want to have a finish against a top fighter, this should be the turning point in her career, if there is one.

Court McGee vs Alex Morono

Being liked by fans isn’t enough sometimes. Court McGee needs to get things going with a win here. Even if it’s by split decision, he has to walk away with a W. Court’s last fight was about a year ago, where he got KOd.

Morono is a mixed bag, he can win in any fashion but he’s never been submitted. Not sure what way he is going to win but he does usually find a way.

Brendan Allen vs Chris Curtis

Curtis needs a finish, a split decision win is not moving the needle. Neither did the other 12 decision victories he has. Curtis does own a knockout win over Allen, one of the seventeen knockouts in his career.

If Allen can come in, submit Curtis within the first two rounds and make it look easy, he could gain a ton of momentum from that. With only five losses, Brendan Allen can make a go of it if he can keep from being knockout like the last time these two fought.

Final take

It’s something to watch in the background on another screen during Wrestlemania festivities, which is more than I can say fir other cards this year. This year hasn’t been bad, lackluster but not awful cards like in years past. Stupid decision to have this on a streaming app when it could have just been on ESPN so people flipping channels could catch some decent MMA.

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