HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from UFC Fight Night: Dolidze vs. Imavov

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

UFC Fight Night: Dolidze vs. Imavov was this past weekend and featured some exciting fights. Who won and who lost? Let’s get to the rundown.

UFC Fight Night: Dolidze vs. Imavov
GOOD- Charles Radtke stops Gilbert Urbina
They start off exchanging kicks. Radtke starts mixing in some punches before Urbina tries to get the fight onto the fence. Nothing doing and a few moments later Radtke blasts Urbina with a few left hooks that drop Urbina. He gets back to his feet but Radtke keeps swinging and puts Urbina down and out with a little over ten seconds left in the first round. Radtke improves to 9-3 and has won 6 straight fights while Urbina drops to 7-3. Good win for Radtke.

UGLY- Makhmud Muradov vs. Aliaskhab Khizriev ends in a No Contest
Khrizriev sticks his damn fingers straight at Muradov immediately as
the fight starts and pokes the hell out of Muradov’s left eye. The
fight is ruled a No Contest 11 seconds into the first round. This is absolutely ridiculous. Fighters need to quit sticking their fingers
straight out at their opponents like they’re casting a damn spell.
It’s absurd. This fight needs to be ruled a DQ loss for Khizriev, he
should be fined, and I wouldn’t object to a suspension.
The eyepoke was ruled inadvertent, which is complete garbage. There’s nothing inadvertent about sticking your fingers straight out at your
opponent’s eye level and pushing your hand forward.
He’s far from the only fighter to do this crap but he should be the last. The UFC should immediately change the rules and get this garbage
out of the sport. You can’t fish-hook, you can’t hit a guy low, you
can’t kick a downed fighter in the head, you can’t do 12 to 6 elbows but you can do this junk and get away with it?
As I said, absurd. I’m not going to keep going on and on because I imagine anyone reading this is already sick of hearing me complain but
this is something that none of us should stand for. Stiffen the
penalties and watch this junk suddenly go away. No more talk of “This is how I fight, how I was trained” or any of that junk. Start handing out hefty fines and suspensions and it goes away. Moving on.
Muradov is now 26-8 with 1 No Contest while Khizriev is now 12-0 with 1 No Contest.

GOOD- Natalia Silva vs. Viviane Araujo
Araujo forces Silva to the mat early but can’t keep her there. They exchange strikes and Silva lands some hard strikes before the first round ends. The second round begins with both women exchanging
strikes. Araujo gets dropped to her knees momentarily before they continue circling each other. Not a lot going on, to the point that the referee calls for more action but the second round ends before
anything else can happen. The third round starts with more of the same. They’re kind of just circling each other and potshotting when
they can. Some good strikes land and Araujo gets a takedown just before the fight ends. We go to the judges to render their verdict.
Silva wins the decision and improves to 17-5-1 and has won 11 straight fights while Araujo drops to 12-6. Good win for Silva.

GOOD/UGLY- Randy Brown stops Muslim Salikhov
They’re trading kicks early until they start mixing in some punches.
Brown then eyepokes Salikhov with more of that open hand, straight fingers junk. I’m not going to repeat my rant from earlier but this is
ridiculous. Salikhov initially wants to get right back to it before
thinking better of it and taking some time. When they resume he gets cracked with a combination that ends the fight a bit over three minutes into the first round. Again, I won’t repeat my rant but I’m not feeling this. Maybe I’m too tilted because this is the second fight (out of four so far) affected by eyepokes but this sucks. Brown improves to 18-5 while Salikhov drops to 19-5. It’s a win for Brown.

GOOD/BAD- Renato Moicano vs. Drew Dober
They exchange strikes early until Moicano gets a takedown. Moicano then works his ground-and-pound for the rest of the first round. The second round begins with a repeat, Moicano gets an early takedown and
then goes to work on the ground. Well, work might be a little strong.
He’s doing just enough to not get stood up. The referee wants more action but he’s not getting it and the second round ends. The third round starts with Dober landing some hard strikes but the fight eventually goes to the mat and Moicano rides him out on top. We go to the judges to render their verdict. Moicano wins the decision and improves to 18-5-1 while Dober drops to 27-13 with 1 No Contest. Not the most exciting of fights but a win’s a win. Good win for Moicano.

BAD/GOOD- Roman Dolidze vs. Nassourdine Imavov
Dolidze tries for a few takedowns early but can’t get them. They fight on the fence for a while before opening up with strikes. Imavov drops
Dolidze with a big knee after landing several crushing punches. Imavov is ripping into him with ground-and-pound but Dolidze survives and the
first round ends. The second round begins with them fighting in the clinch. This continues until they’re broken apart by the referee and Dolidze responds with some wild punches and gets smashed a few times
by Imavov for his efforts. The third round starts with more fence work and a lot of hesitation. Imavov seems to be the better fighter tonight
but Dolidze’s wall-and-stall is keeping him in it. Imavov lands some nice strikes before the third round ends. The fourth round opens with a weird sequence. Dolidze puts his hand on the mat and practically begs Imavov to kick him in the head. Imavov does and a point is taken away and the referee threatens to disqualify him. Oh, so we’ll DQ for that but not for a damn intentional eyepoke? Whatever.

Anyway, the fight resumes and we get more wall-and-stall and the fourth round ends. The fifth round begins with more of the same. They fight on the fence and Imavov lands some strikes before the referee separates them for inaction. More fighting on the fence and Imavov lands a final
strong punch before the fight ends. We go to the judges to render their verdict. Imavov wins the Majority Decision and improves to 13-4 with 1 No Contest while Dolidze drops to 12-3.
I didn’t like this fight but maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of
mind. Imavov landed well over 100 strikes during the fight so he was certainly trying. For that I’ll add a GOOD to the fight. Good win for Imavov.

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