3 Fights To Watch 2-3-24

Renato Moicano vs Drew Dober

Dober is fun to watch, had a stoppage in his last fight in the first round, of course he’s one to watch.

Renato however, is looking to submit Drew. Although Moicano is susceptible to being KOd, KOs are responsible for 3 of his 5 losses. With only 5 losses he has to be the favorite though…right?! I almost always bet on the “knockout artists”, this fight will be no exception.

Randy Brown vs Muslim Salikhov

Neither man loses much with Brown having just one more loss than Salikhov. Brown is going to need to finish this fight in order to be impressive which will be difficult because Muslim will be looking to knock him out because that’s what he usually does to people. Muslim Salikhov is coming off of a loss so he may need the win more than Brown but it’s about who WANTS it more.

Molly McCann vs Diana Belbiţă

Lose and you’re out…that’s the reality that Molly Meatball McCann is facing. I finally got behind her and she has dropped two straight.

Diana lost her last fight as well. One thing she has going for her is that she’s never been knocked out in her UFC career. Neither has Molly; I feel as if that’s going to change for one of them and sadly lead to the end of their UFC career.

Final Take

The UFC has to put on something right?! An underwhelming an on paper, something that I would be upset at ESPN+ charging me money for. I expect this card to be pretty good, no real name or star power, it’s a workhorse/workrate card. The booking has to get better in 2024 though, Dana has to be on the hot seat this year for underwhelming events like this and UFC 300.

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