Brendan Schaub thinks his podcast’s t-shirts have outsold “terrible” UFC fight kits from Reebok

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Brendan Schaub announced in a recent conversation on Joe Rogan’s podcast that he’s stepping away from the UFC, in big part due to the UFC’s deal with Reebok, but also because he’s making more money via his “Fighter and The Kid” podcast with Bryan Callen, along with other endeavors, than he would be fighting.

He expanded on his thoughts on the UFC Reebok kits in an interview with, saying his podcast shirts are selling more than what Reebok has put out there.

“As far as UFC fight kits sold, I’m willing to bet we sold more T-shirts this year than the UFC has sold ‘fight kits,'” Schaub said. “I’m not going to give the number out, but we’re doing well. You don’t want to brag about that kind of stuff. Is that really a compliment? Saying that we outsold UFC fight kits? Those things are terrible.

“I think A) It’s $100, and B) fans smell bulls***, man. Fans know bulls***. You can’t bulls*** the public anymore and get away with it. Reebok, first of all, no one really rocks Reebok. But we’ll support Reebok because they support the fighters. But, then you find out how much the fighters are making and fans do not support that. They smell bulls***. You think you’re going to honey d*ck an educated UFC fan and you’ve got another thing coming.

“You go on Reebok’s Facebook page and read the comments when they post something UFC and it’s tough. They’re going through a transitional period. I think everyone expected this and they can get their footing and make some changes to realize this wasn’t the way to go. I’m sure the UFC expected this.”

Penick’s Analysis: The Reebok kits, supposedly something that was going to bring more money to the fighters, were a failed endeavor from the outset. Between the misspellings at launch to the derided designs and the ridiculous price tag, it was destined to fail. The dull opposing color schemes (black with white stripes, white with black stripes) for the fights in the cage as well has brought further criticism to the entire deal. Schaub wanted no part of it, and because he has options, he’s decided to exercise them. Not everyone’s in that position, but good on him for sticking to his guns when he didn’t need to get back in the cage.


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