HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from Bellator 291 and UFC Fight Night: Allen vs. Muniz

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior ColumnistBellator 291
GOOD- Ciaran Clarke vs. Leonardo Sinis
Clarke gets an early takedown and begins unleashing his
ground-and-pound. Sinis is fighting back but Clarke does a lot of
damage here before the first round ends. The second round begins with
a quick striking exchange before Clarke gets another quick takedown.
Again, Clarke begins unloading his ground-and-pound and it’s clear
what will happen in the third round as well. To no one’s surprise,
Clarke quickly gets another early takedown in the third round and
repeats his beatdown on Sinis. It’s not going to win over every fan
but you can’t argue with the results. This was a dominant decision
victory for Clarke, who improves to 7-0 while Sinis drops to 11-6-1.
Good win for Clarke.

GOOD- Sinead Kavanagh vs. Janay Harding
They trade strikes throughout a very close first round. Neither
fighter is able to gain a true advantage. The second round sees things
change as Kavanagh hurts Harding with a big right hand. Kavanagh is
being very patient and it’s paying off. The third round opens with
more striking exchanges. The pace has slowed down in this round, which
opens the door for Harding. However, the fight ends and we go to the
judges. Kavanagh wins the decision and improves to 9-5 while Harding
drops to 6-7 and has lost 3 straight fights. Good win for Kavanagh.

GOOD- Bryce Logan stops Peter Queally
Queally comes out firing. Logan is firing back some but Queally’s
aggression is paying off so far as he’s doing a bit more damage. Logan
has made him pay a few times, though. The second round starts with
Queally still aggressive and he hurts Logan. However, Logan fights
back with a takedown. Queally gets right back up but Logan gets him on
the fence and unloads a huge elbow that drops him. Logan pounces and
the referee is forced to jump in to stop the fight. That came out of
nowhere. Logan improves to 13-7 and snaps a 3 fight losing streak
while Queally drops to 13-8-1 and has lost 3 straight fights. Good win
for Logan.

GOOD- Pedro Carvalho vs. Jeremy Kennedy
They trade a few strikes before going to the ground. Carvalho
threatens a choke but Kennedy escapes and works some ground-and-pound
and the first round ends. The second round opens with Kennedy working
for and getting another takedown. Carvalho manages to get up but gets
taken back down quickly as the second round ends. The third round sees
largely the same stuff happening, Kennedy is attached to Carvalho and
won’t let him up. We go to the judges and Kennedy wins the decision to
improve to 19-3 with 1 No Contest while Carvalho drops to 13-7. Good
win for Kennedy.

GOOD- Yaroslav Amosov vs. Logan Storley
This fight was to unify the Bellator Welterweight Championship. Amosov
has been away from fighting for 20 months because he’s been fighting
in the war in the Ukraine. In the meantime, Storley won the Interim
Title so now it’s time to unify. We start with a striking exchange
that ends in Amosov stunning Storley with a big right hand. Amosov is
pushing the pace and landing big strikes. Storley tries to move
forward himself but gets stunned before the first round ends. The
second round begins with more of the same. Amosov is landing big
strikes and neutralizing Storley’s wrestling. The third round is a
repeat, as are the fourth and fifth rounds. Storley shows good
toughness because he’s getting beaten up here but this is all Amosov.
Storley’s having very little success while Amosov looks fantastic. It
goes to the judges because Storley is too tough to be stopped but it’s
a dominant decision victory for Amosov, who improves to a perfect 27-0
while Storley drops to 14-2, his only losses coming to Amosov. Good
win for Amosov.

UFC Fight Night: Allen vs. Muniz
BAD- Illness Cancels Main Event
The originally scheduled main event of Ryan Spann vs. Nikita Krylov
was cancelled during the broadcast as Krylov fell ill. That makes this
a 4 fight main card. Presumably the fight will be rescheduled at a
later date.

GOOD- Mike Malott submits Yohan Lainesse
Malott starts with some kicks while Lainesse isn’t committed to
anything yet. More strikes from Malott gets Lainesse to charge in and
he gets tripped to the ground. Malott quickly locks in an Arm Triangle
Choke and gets the tap a bit over four minutes into the first round.
Malott improves to 9-1-1 and has won 5 straight fights while Lainesse
drops to 9-2. Good win for Malott.

GOOD- Tatiana Suarez submits Montana De La Rosa
The first round was largely all grappling. There were strikes thrown
but nothing major as they were jockeying for position. The second
round sees some early striking before Suarez gets a takedown. Suarez
goes for submission after submission and eventually locks in a
guillotine and gets the tap not quite three minutes into the second
round. Suarez improves to 9-0 while De La Rosa drops to 12-8-1. Good
win for Suarez.

GOOD- Don’Tale Mayes vs. Augusto Sakai
They trade early kicks before mixing in punches. They tie up for a
moment before Sakai starts landing some heavy strikes. They fight on
the fence until the rounds ends, Sakai landing some big knees and an
elbow. The second round sees more big strikes from both men in the
clinch. Mayes is showing good toughness as Sakai is landing some heavy
strikes. The third round begins with more clinch work and these guys
are wailing on each other. The fight ends with more strikes being
thrown and we go to the judges. Sakai wins the decision and improves
to 16-5-1 and snaps his 4 fight losing streak while Mayes drops to 9-5
with 1 No Contest. Good win for Sakai.

GOOD- Brendan Allen submits Andre Muniz
They start with early kicks before mixing in some punches. Allen
starts catching Muniz with some hard strikes. Muniz fires back,
though, and starts landing a lot of strikes of his own and the first
round ends. The second round opens with a lot of kicks thrown and
landed by both men. They both do a good job of mixing in strikes as
well and the second round ends. The third round begins with more kicks
but also the hands are opening up. They continue striking for a while
until Allen gets a takedown and goes to work. Allen starts with an Arm
Triangle but switches to a Rear-Naked Choke and gets the submission
win. Allen improves to 21-5 and has won 4 straight fights while Muniz
drops to 23-5 and has his 9 fight winning streak snapped. Good win for

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