HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from UFC Fight Night: Andrade vs. Blanchfield

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

UFC Fight Night: Andrade vs. Blanchfield was this past weekend and
featured some upsets. Who won and who lost? Let’s get to the rundown.

UFC Fight Night: Andrade vs. Blanchfield
GOOD- Alex Hernandez vs. Jim Miller
They trade kicks for the first few minutes. They then start mixing in
punches but also keep throwing kicks. Some more nice striking from
both fighters before Miller catches Hernandez low with a kick. As if
he needs any more problems down there. The round ends shortly after
they resume. The second round begins with Hernandez pulling ahead on
the feet. Miller’s trying to fight back but Hernandez is stiff with
his strikes. Still, Miller’s a tough veteran who can catch you
grasping at any time. Hernandez is being patient and picking his spots
as the second round ends. The third round opens with Miller firing
back and they’re trading big strikes now. Hernandez remains patient
and is working it as he continues to chip away at Miller. Hernandez
slips towards the end of the fight and Miller tries to lock in a
rear-naked choke but he can’t get it and we go to the judges.
Hernandez wins the decision and improves to 14-6 while Miller drops to
35-17 with 1 No Contest. Good win for Hernandez.

BAD/UGLY- William Knight vs. Marcin Prachnio
Prachnio opens with kicks, which becomes a recurring theme quickly. He
just keeps kicking at Knight, who does nothing to try to stop it. The
first round ends and the second round begins with the same thing
happening. Prachnio kicks at Knight, who either takes it or moves
backward. The third round starts with more of the same garbage and we
go to the judges. Prachnio wins the decision and improves to 16-6
while Knight drops to 11-5 and has lost 3 straight fights. It’s one
thing to lose but Knight only landed 8 strikes in the entire fight,
with 6 of them being leg kicks. If you did that in 1 round people
would say you’re working slowly, let alone in 3 rounds. I don’t think
we know the whole story but I hope William Knight is okay. Terrible
fight that’s best not mentioned again.

GOOD- Josh Parisian vs. Jamal Pogues
They trade kicks early before mixing in some strikes. Pogues gets an
early takedown. Parisian eventually stands and connects with some good
strikes before Pogues puts him down again and the first round ends.
The second round starts with another striking exchange before Pogues
gets another takedown. Parisian fights up but gets put back down
again. He gets up and they fight on the fence for a while then the
second round ends. The third round begins with both fighters throwing
and landing some heavy strikes before Pogues gets another takedown.
Parisiaan again fights back to his feet and they spend the rest of the
fight beating on each other. We go to the judges and Pogues wins the
decision. Pogues improves to 10-3 and has won 3 straight fights while
Parisian drops to 15-6 and has alternated wins and losses in his last
6 fights. Good win for Pogues.

GOOD- Zac Pauga vs. Jordan Wright
They start with some fence work. Pauga starts to open up and cuts
Wright above the right eye with a nasty elbow strike. Pauga keeps
landing knees and elbows until the first round ends. The second round
starts with them throwing kicks before mixing in some strikes on the
fence. Pauga hits Wright with more elbows and the second round ends.
The third round begins with them trading more kicks until they mix in
some strikes. I wasn’t a fan of this fight either and I’m tempted to
go BAD but we go to the judges. Pauga wins the decision and improves
to 6-1 while Wright drops to 12-5 with 1 No Contest and has lost 4
straight fights. They can’t all be exciting so good win for Pauga.

GOOD- Erin Blanchfield submits Jessica Andrade
They trade kicks to start before they both start firing punches.
They’re blasting each other with hard strikes and it seems like
someone hit the Fast Forward button compared to most of the other
fights tonight. Blanchfield can’t get a takedown but she’s beating on
Andrade, who’s returning the heat with punches of her own.
Blanchfield’s getting the better of the exchanges but Andrade’s tough
and stuffs another takedown attempt as the first round ends. The
second round begins with more big strikes from both before Blanchfield
gets the takedown she’s been looking for and quickly moves to side
control. Blanchfield then jumps on Andrade’s back and locks in a
rear-naked choke that gets the submission a little over a minute and a
half into the second round. Blanchfield improves to 11-1 and has won
her last 8 fights while Andrade drops to 24-10 and has her 3 fight
winning streak snapped. Good win for Blanchfield, who could be looking
at a title shot next.
Considering the competition this wasn’t a good event. But regardless,
it happens sometimes.

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