HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs. Lemos

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs. Lemos was last night and featured
finishes to all five main card fights. Let’s get to the rundown.

UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs. Lemos
BAD/GOOD- Grant Dawson stops Mark Madsen
Madsen hurts Dawson early, which causes Dawson to work to get the
fight to the ground. Nothing happens for the rest of the first round.
The second round opens with Dawson getting another takedown and again
doing nothing with it. The third round sees Dawson firing a bunch of
kicks, including a leg kick that drops Madsen. Dawson then is able to
lock in a rear-naked choke and get the submission win a little over
two minutes into the third round. Dawson improves to 19-1-1 while
Madsen drops to 12-1 after being handed his first career loss. Not a
lot of action so the fight was boring at times but good tenacity by
Dawson to get the finish. Good win for Dawson.

GOOD- Tagir Ulanbekov submits Nate Maness
Ulanbekov gets an early takedown but Maness starts to get up. As he
does so, though, Ulanbekov cinches a tight guillotine and it’s over,
Maness has to tap a little over two minutes into the first round.
Ulanbekov improves to 14-2 while Maness drops to 14-3.  Good win for

GOOD- Shayilan Nuerdanbieke stops Darrick Minner
Minner threw a few kicks early until he hurt himself throwing one.
That caused Shayilan to pounce on him and start nailing him with
strikes, knocking him down with a flying knee and hitting him with
elbows until he forced the referee to jump in to stop the fight a
little over a minute into the first round. Shayilan improves to 39-10
and has won 3 straight fights while Minner drops to 26-14 and has lost
3 straight fights. Good win for Shayilan. I’ve seen speculation that
Minner was injured going into this fight and that some people found
out about it and placed bets on Shayilan. Minner’s odds did move from
+190 at the start of the card to +330 by the time his fight started. I
imagine the UFC is going to investigate this.

GOOD- Neil Magny submits Daniel Rodriguez
They start off trading leg kicks. Rodriguez works the body as both men
try to find their timing. Magny tosses Rodriguez to the ground and
lays in some strikes but Rodriguez gets up before the round ends. The
second round starts with them trading kicks again. They mix in
punches, both landing heavy strikes at times. The third round sees
Magny get some takedowns and eventually lock in a D’Arce choke to get
the tap about three and a half minutes into the third round. Magny now
has the most wins in the welterweight division in UFC history. Magny
improves to 27-9 while Rodriguez drops to 17-3 and has his 4 fight
winning streak snapped. Good win for Magny.

BAD/GOOD- Amanda Lemos stops Marina Rodriguez
A few kicks and punches from each fighter in round one until Lemos
tries for a takedown but can’t get it and Rodriguez lands some good
strikes as a result. The second round sees more swinging and missing
until Lemos gets a takedown. She tries for a rear-naked choke but
Rodriguez defends well. The third round opens with each landing some
nice punches. Lemos then lands a huge right hand that stuns Rodriguez
and starts firing away until the referee jumps in to stop the fight.
The referee did stop the fight a little early but the only thing that
did was prevent Rodriguez from absorbing more punches to the head. The
odds of her coming back are very tiny. I don’t think it’s worth it.
Lemos improves to 13-2-1 while Rodriguez drops to 16-2-2 and has her 4
fight winning streak snapped. Not a lot of action but Lemos found her
spot and took advantage. Good win for Lemos.


Mark Hunt picked up his first professional boxing win yesterday as he
beat Sonny Bill Williams by TKO in the 4th round. Hunt is now 1-2-1.
He hadn’t boxed in 2 years and his first two fights were over 20 years
ago. Williams was handed the first loss in his boxing career and is
now 9-1.

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