Silva v Paul Running Diary

By Brad Walker MMATorch Columnist 

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the fight of the … let’s face it probably the year, as YouTube sensation and natural ass clown Jake Paul takes on the MMA Goat (because JON JONES IS NOT THE GOAT) Anderson “The Spider” Silva. With a side bet that if Silva is to lose to Paul he will help Paul form some sort of advocate group for fair fighter pay. (Which, I fully support)

I missed the first fight so we’re starting with former NFL Pro Bowler Leveon Bell and former TUF stand out Uriah Hall.

Brads Take: Bells approach to drop his entire upper body and throw the body jam was consistent but very annoying to watch. He took round 1 on my card but then Uriah Hall clubbed him in rounds 2, 3 and 4. With a great exchange at the final bell. Leveon never really looked like he had a chance in this to win, and his style was at best, cringey. Hall was much smoother and comfortable.

Next up we have what is a rematch between Antonio Nieves (20-3-2 with 11 knockouts) and Alexandro Santiago (26-3-5 with 13 knockouts) 

Round 1: I’m going to give the first round to Santiago, he landed a couple of really nice combinations and was definitively more successful at landing, there was a slip by Nieves partway through the round, but was not caused by a shot. 10-9 Santiago 

Round 2: Santiago was again the aggressor and the round although more even was his to take. 20-18 Santiago 

Round 3: Nieves finally had a round! He pushed behind the jab and landed more effectively. 29-27 Santiago 

Round 4: Santiago had a solid comeback round and landed consistently and strongly.

39-36 Santiago 

Round 5: This was the most one sided round of the fight at times I thought it might be over. 49-45 Santiago 

Round 6: more one sided beating this was damn near 10-8 but I’m going 10-9 for Santiago again. 59-54 Santiago

Round 7: I just saw the judges scorecards and I’m not convinced they’re seeing the same fight I am. Nieves is fading and not using his range very well. 69-63 Santiago 

Round 8: there will be no round 8. It’s not clear what’s going on but the fight is over? It appears it is a corner stoppage by Nieves corner. 

Winner by TKO/Corner Stoppage Alexandro Santiago

Next Fight: is apparently going to be highlighted by ppv issues! 

Holy S**T! My feed kicked in just in time for the brutal knockout! Sylve is LEGIT!!!!! 

Winner by KO Ashton Sylve.

Main Event Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

Round 1: Silvas evasion and defense was incredible. He did not throw much, a total of 5 punches. 10-9 Paul

Round 2: Silvas defense has been impeccable!! This round he took the fight to Paul. 19-19 

Round 3: Silva continued to dominate this round out moving and out landing Paul. 29-28 Silva

Round 4: Silva has been absolutely spot on. Great defense and great offense. I’m pleasantly surprised. 39-37 Silva.

Round 5: Anderson Silvas strongest round. This was an absolute beating. 49-46 Silva.

Round 6: A much better round slug fest wise it could go either way but I feel Silva had more effective striking. 59-55 Silva 

Round 7: This is a really hard round to score. I’m gonna call it 10-10. 69-65 Silva

Round 8: Arguably Jake Paul’s best round, this was 10-8 with the knockdown. What a fight from these two. 77-75 Silva.

The scorecards were given to Jake Paul by unanimous decision. I don’t agree but I also don’t necessarily understand boxing scoring. Signing off with the AHW Voice of Violence Phil Myers Sr, I am Brad Walker and have a good night! 



And find Phil at @nochillwithphil 

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