3 Fights to Watch UFC 299 Pt. 1

Dustin Poirier vs Benoit Saint-Denis

It’s do or die for Poirier. He has a big mouth and swear he deserves so much more credit than he has gotten, that may be true but all of that goes out of the window if he loses here. The long and short of it is, if he was so great he should have never lost the title. Beat the new guy and the only question is, when does Dustin get another title shot?

Benoit wants to knock off a legend; one ofthe biggest names in MMA today. If he’s successful, Poirier is likely done. Saint-Denis has a chance to make history by being one of very few people to finish Poirier.

Kevin Holland vs Michael Page

I fully expect Page to get knocked out or do the knocking out. Of all the Belltor guys to jump over I believe that Page is the one that is fool’s gold. A knockout from Page wouldn’t be shocking at all, he’s done it a lot. His best possible outcome is a hot start like Michael Chandler with a spectacular finish of his first opponent.

Holland loves to play around, putting himself at great risk of being KO’d. If Holland can put the new guy away, he will garner much praise among fans. This should be for the BMF title honestly.

Petr Yan vs Song Yadong

Yan seeks to get back to the title he should have never lost. But he did lose and he’s lost to the last 2 champs which means he isn’t really in contention unless he can clean out the division again, quickly and thoroughly.

Song Yadong can make a bigger name for himself  if he stops Yan. This is a name Song has to add to his list if he wants to get into title contention. I’m thinking this fight goes the distance, can’t tell you who wins.

Honorable mention

Sean O’Malley vs Marlon Vera

O’ Malley’s lone L is to Vera. O Malley wins and he will  thrive if he loses he will still be pushed down our throats like babyface Roman Reigns. Marlon Vera will likely just be forgotten, he exist as an obstacle for Sean, if O’ Malley beats him, that relevance fades quickly. O’ Malley has chicken legs, I think he gets his legs lit up and he loses easily.

Final take

Title contention and legacy on the line throughout the card. There are no true underdogs, there are no clear favorites; this is why they fight. If nations fought wars 1 v 1 this is what it would look like.

So many fights I couldn’t just choose 3; watch out for part 2.

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