UFC 247 Results & Reactions: Real-time results and analysis of Jones-Reyes

Robert Vallejos, MMATorch Managing Editor

UFC 247

UFC 247

February 8, 2020

Toyota Center, Houston Texas


UFC 247 Results & Reactions

UFC 247 Early Prelims (UFC Fight Pass, ESPN+)

Men’s featherweight Austin Lingo vs. Youseff Zalal

Round 1 Analysis:  All action in the round by both fighters. That is a round that I would say Lingo got the best of, but he was also busted open early in the fight. 

Round 2 Analysis: Early pressure against the cage from Zalal.  The grappling pressure seemed to nearly break Lingo. Zalal has spent a lot of energy in this round 

Round 3 Analysis: Zalal with all the momentum early in this round. That advantage is not going anywhere as this round progresses. This performance by Zalal is very impressive. 

Result: Youseff Zalal def. Austin Lingo via unanimous decision (30-27 3x)  

Men’s bantamweight Andre Ewell vs. Jonathan Martinez

Round 1 Analysis: Early aggression by Ewell, but a leg kick by Martinez has Ewell hobbled. Ewell recovered nicely. They ended the round by connecting with some bombs!

Round 2 Analysis: Ewell is doing damage on the feet, but Martinez is resilient. Martinez looks a little wobbly as the round progresses. So many body shots from Ewell. Martinez looks to have hurt Ewell with a kick to the body. Both men are wounded going into the final round.  

Round 2 Analysis: Ewell might have literally slapped Martinez! Ewell’s right hand looks to be hurt. This round has been slightly more tepid. They both end the fight with a flurry of strikes. 

Apparently there was a computer crash at the judges table. lots of delay after the fight.

Result: Andre Ewell def. Jonathan Martinez via split decision

Analysis: No idea how Ewell received a 30-27! 

Men’s bantamweight Journey Newson vs. Domingo Pilarte

Round 1 Analysis: Pilarte started quick with a high kick, but Newson responds with a right and drops Pilarte to get the quick win. Wow that really came out of nowhere!

Result Journey Newson def. Domingo Pilarte via TKO at :38 of round 1

WATCH: Journey Newson finishes Domingo Pilarte

UFC 247 Prelims (ESPN)

Men’s bantamweight Miles Johns vs. Mario Bautista

Round 1 Analysis: Not much separation  between either fighter in that round. 

Round 2 Analysis:  Johns throwing hands, but gets dropped by Bautista, and Bautista gets the finish. 

Result: Mario Bautista def. Miles Johns via TKO at 1:41 of round 2

Welterweight Alex Morono vs. Kalinn Williams

Round 1 Analysis: Williams just battered that man. Thats it!

Result: Kalinn Williams def. Alex Morono via KO at :27 of round 1

Women’s flyweight Lauren Murphy vs. Andrea Lee

Round 1 Analysis: Lots of countersriking by Lee. Murphy’s got some blood on her nose. Lee lost her mouthpiece. Both women have landed to the face in this one. Not much head movement from either fighter. The round ended with both women clinched against the cage.  

Round 2 Analysis: They are both trading while remaining relatively stationary. Lee occasionally mixes in a kick. Looks like Lee got the better of Murphy in this round, but Murphy did land a takedown right at the end of the round. 

Round 3 Analysis: Lee drops Murphy about a minute into the round. Lee is doing all she can to secure an Anaconda lock. ROGAN AND CRUZ ARE RIPING THE JUDGES FOR NOT WATCHING THE FIGHT! Lee finishes the fight strong o the feet. Tough fight to score, but I would give it to Lee. 

Result: Lauren Murphy def. Andrea Lee via split decision 

Analysis: Again I don’t agree that Murphy earned a 30-27 in that fight. The Houston crowd is booing their hometown fighter.

Middleweight Trevin Giles vs. James Krause

Round 1 Analysis: Giles with some heavy hands early. A takedown by Krause results in him getting Giles’ back, Rogan called the submission but Giles escaped. On the ground Krause has the clear advantage. Gile fighting but having trouble getting out of a body lock. Crowd loves it when Giles escaped and got to a dominant position. Really fun round. 

Round 2 Analysis: Giles bringing the heat with punches in this round. Krause looks to be hurt or at least winded. Big round for Giles it could be stopped at any moment. Krause saved by the bell. Hopefully not 30-27’s in this one. 

Round 3 Analysis: Krause clearly exhausted but a little more life in this round. Both men with fatigue. Krause able to land in this round, but still reeling. Slow end to an action fight.  

Result: Trevin Giles def. James Krause via split decision 


Heavyweight Derrick Lewis vs. Ilir Latifi

Round 1 Analysis: Lewis almost landed a flying knee. Did n0t expect to see that. They were broken up at the cage due to inactivity. Lewis lands a kick and quick burst of offense after the break. This round had brief bouts of action with long periods of nothing. 

Round 2 Analysis: Latifi doing damage with low kicks. Lewis continuing with high kicks. Midway through the round Latifi secured a takedown. Dan Miragliotta stands them up for inactivity. When they are back up, Latifi throws Lewis. Miragliotta is over this one.

Round 3 Analysis: Lewis keeps going for these flying knees but he ends up on the ground after Latifi clinches. The crowd is in to this one. There has not been much to write home about. Lewis aggressive late! Exciting finish to otherwise underwhelming fight. 

Result:Derrick Lewis def. Ilir Latifi via unanimous decision (29-28 3x) 

Men’s featherweight Mirsad Bektić vs. Dan Ige

Round 1 Analysis: Ige got to work immediately. Ige is just a step faster in this one. Bektic unable to do much of anything. 

Round 2 Analysis: Bektic clearly aware that he needs to get something done. He is much more aggressive in this round. This has actually been all Bektic on the ground. Complete opposite feel from the first round. 

Round 3 Analysis: They were separated for no good reason. Much more even round here. Ige seemingly getting the better of Bektic on the feet. Bektic searching for a submission late in the fight. That fight was all over the place. 

Result: Dan Ige def. Mirsad Bektic via split decision

Heavyweight Juan Adams vs. Justin Tafa

Round 1 Analysis: Adams looks to have a leg injury. Tafa turns on the jets and finishes Adams quickly. 

Result: Justin Tafa def. Juan Adams via TKO at 1:59 of round 1

Women’s flyweight championship Valentina Shevchenko vs. Katlyn Chookagian

Round 1 Analysis: Not a ton of action early, but Shevchenko is landing. The round ended with Shevchenko in Chookagian’s guard, looks like Chookagian was busted open by an elbow from the top right before the round ended.

Round 3 Analysis: Valentina’s kickboxing experience is showing through here. Her feet are landing with ease. With about two minutes left Shevchenko lands a takedown. She is in complete control in this fight. 

Round 3 Analysis: Chookagian lands kicks early but still gets taken down. Valentina pours on the GnP and its over. That fight played out exactly like we thought it would. Shevchenko is peerless at this point. 

Result:Valentina Shevchenko def. Katlyn Chookagian via  TKO  at 1:03 of round 3

Light heavyweight championship Jon Jones vs. Dominick Reyes

Round 1 Analysis: Reyes aggressive from the start. Reyes is here to fight Jones. Reyes is having a good round, but Jones seems unfazed. For the moment we have a competitive fight.  

Round 2 Analysis: Reyes still with a high volume of output. The round is leveling out as it progresses. Jones has been able to land more here in this round. Jones might not be in trouble, but he is in definitely in a fight now. With that said, I could see Jones uncoiling at any point. 

Round3 Analysis: Big kicks by Reyes to start the round. Reyes is able to land, but he is not really gaining control. This fight is very technical, but not in a boring way. Jones finished the round with strikes. 

Round 4 Analysis: Reyes has Jones backpedalling to start the round. Some blood now from Jones. Jones cannot secure a crisp takedown. Like the previous rounds, Jones turns up the pace at the end of the round. 

Round 5 Analysis: Both men really need a strong 5th, but Jones probably needs it more. Once again Reyes starts the round aggressive. Jones finds the takedown. Both men are trowing, Jones looks much fresher. Jones is in control  but not gonna put Reyes away. This fight turned out to be much better than anyone anticipated. We go to the scorecards…

Result: Jon Jones def. Dominick Reyes via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46)

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