UFC 246 LIVE REPORT: Real-time results and analysis of McGregor-Cerrone, Holm-Pennington

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter

UFC 246
Jan 17, 2020; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; UFC president Dana White (left) reacts as Conor McGregor (center) faces off against Donald Cerrone during weigh ins for UFC 246 at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 246

January  18, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada from T-Mobile Arena

Live on UFC Fight Pass/ESPN+ (6:30 PM ET), ESPN  (8 PM ET), and ESPN+ PPV (10 PM ET)

UFC 246 Early Prelims

Sabina Mazo def. JJ Aldrich by split decision

Aleksa Camur via Justin Ledet by unanimous decision (29-28 30-27 2x)

UFC 246 Prelims

Drew Dober def. Nasrat Haqparast via TKO at 1:10 of round 1

*This bout was moved to the ESPN App due to the overrun of the Duke/Louisville CBB game.

Tim Elliott vs. Askar Askarov (Flyweight) 

Round 1:  Askarov connects with an inside low kick, Elliott returns fire with a left hand. Askarov throws out a straight right hand, but Elliott ducks and attempts a takedown, but no dice. Askarov connects with a hard right hand, Elliott is stiff! Elliott is hurt, but he shoots! Askarov ends up in top position, but Elliott is looking to set something up from the bottom. Elliott recovers guard, but Askarov is landing some big punches as the round comes to a close. (10-9 Askarov) 

Round 2: Elliott throws Askarov to the mat to start the round, but Askarov manages to scramble right back to his feet. Askarov forces the fight against the fence and lands a knee to the midsection. Askarov has a body lock, and he is attempting a takedown, but Elliott is defending. Askarov is landing punches, Elliott secures a clinch and throws Askarov to the mat. Askarov pops right back up, but Elliott clinches him again and tosses him from the hip. Askarov is looking for an armbar from his back, but Elliott defends. Elliott passes into side control, but his opponent is working to recover some sort of guard. (10-9 Elliott)

Round 3: They’re trading punches to start the round. Elliott is walking Askaroc down, but both fighters are landing. Askarov connects with a left hand. Elliott continues to move forward but he isn’t throwing many strikes. Askarov connects with a left hand, but Elliott returns a right. Weird third round. (10-9 Askarov) (29-28 Askarov) Elliott’s decision to walk forward without throwing any strikes throughout most of the round could come back to haunt him. 

Result: Askar Askarov def. Tim Elliott via Unanimous Decision 

Andre Fili vs. Sodiq Yusuff (Featherweight)

Round 1: Yusuff is aggressive early in the round. Fili connects with a counter left hand. Yusuff connects with a jab, and then another. Fili lands a kick to the body and then attempts a takedown. Yusuff hits the fence though, and from there he is defending. Fili connects with a nice shot and takes Yusuff down. Yusuff landed some nice shots just before the takedown, but Fili recovered nicely. Yusuff has a standing kimura, but Fili drops to the mat and spins out of it. (10-9 Yusuff) 

Round 2: Yusuff scores early with a takedown, and he is now working from side control. Yusuff is landing knees to the body from side control, Fili is not doing much to get back to his feet. Yusuff moves into the mount, but Fili bucks him with the aid of the cage. We’re back on the feet and Fili pressures Yusuff against the fence. (10-9 Yusuff)

Round 3: Yusuff connects with a jab. Fili returns a kick to the midsection. Yusuff continues to work his jab. Fili connects with a straight left hand, he’s switched stances and it’s been effective. Yusuff seems very hesitant to engage here in round three. Fili scores with a late takedown. (10-9 Fili) (29-28 Fili) 

Result: Sodiq Yusuff def. Andre Fili via Unanimous Decision

Macy Barber vs. Roxanne Modafferi (Flyweight)

Round 1: Modafferi scores with a quick takedown, and she is working from half guard. Barber is threatening from her back with a guillotine, but Modafferi escapes it and sweeps back into top control. Lots of grappling, not a ton of action. (10-9 Modafferi) 

Round 2: Modafferi scores with a quick takedown, and she moves right into side control. Modafferi moves into the mount, and from there Barber sweeps. After a scramble we see Modaferri sweep back into mount. She is threatening with an arm-triangle choke, Barber is busted open here. Modafferi continues her assault from the top as the round comes to a close. (10-9 Modafferi) 

Round 3: Modafferi scores with a big right hand. Barber is clearly in pain here, she drops to her butt, her leg appears to be damaged. Modafferi drops down into top control, and she is now working from side control. Barber sweeps, and she is now in top control. Lots of grappling here. Modafferi butt scoots away from Barber and regains top control. (10-9 Modafferi) (30-27 Modafferi)

Result: Roxanne Modafferi def. Macy Barber via Unanimous Decision  

UFC 246 Main Card

Anthony Pettis vs. Carlos Diego Ferreira (Lightweight)

Round 1: They’re exchanging early in round one. Ferreira is backing Pettis against the fence, Pettis is looking to any sort of opening. Ferreira forces the fight against the fence, and he takes the back while both fighters are still standing. Ferreira drags Pettis down, he has the back with two hooks set, but Pettis is defending. Pettis scrambles to his feet, and Ferreira follows him there. Ferreira is looking for a takedown, but Pettis is defending. (10-9 Ferreira)

Round 2: Ferreira scores early with a takedown, he takes Pettis’ back, but Pettis is rolling. Ferreira is threatening the neck, but Pettis is continuing to defend. He’s not doing much of anything to escape the position though. Ferreira has a neck crank, but Pettis looks like he might be able to escape. Pettis taps, great win for Ferreira. 

Result: Carlos Diego Ferreira def. Anthony Pettis via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 2, 1:46 

Brian Kelleher vs. Ode Osbourne (Bantamweight)

Round 1: Osbourne opens with a bit of an unorthodox superman punch… Osbourne is definitely the quicker man. Kelleher is looking for a takedown and completes a single leg. Osbourne recovers guard, but Kelleher is working from the top. Kelleher is threatening with a guillotine from the top, and he gets it! Osbourne taps!

Result: Brian Kelleher def. Ode Osbourne via submission (Guillotine) Round 1, 2:49 

Maurice Greene vs. Aleksei Oleinik (Heavyweight) 

Round 1: Oleinik scores with a body lock takedown early in the round. Greene was looking to box, but he couldn’t land. Oleinik moves into side control and threatens with a neck crank. Greene scrambles and briefly threatens with a triangle. Both men scramble, but Oleinik has a body lock. Oleinik drags Greene down and moves into the mount. He slaps on a neck crank…he’s been holding it for a while now, but Greene is defending. Greene is landing some hard shots from his back, but he’s still caught in the crank as the bell sounds. (10-9 Oleinik)

Round 2: Greene is landing some big shots to start the round. He connects with an elbow and a big knee! Oleinik changes levels for a takedown and completes it. Oleinik is working from the top half guard, with three minutes left in the round. Greene has a kimura from the bottom, but Oleinik escapes and goes back to grinding. Oleinik is landing punches to the head and body. He moves for an armbar, but Greene moves into an awkward position. Oleinik still has the arm and Green taps! 

Result: Aleksei Oleinik def. Maurice Greene via Submission (Armbar) Round 2, 4:38

Holly Holm vs. Raquel Pennington (Bantamweight) 

Round 1: They’re feeling each other out to start the fight… Holm pressures and puts Pennington against the fence. Holm is landing short punches on Pennington, against the fence. Holm is controlling against the fence, with an underhook. Pennington is working to get off the fence, but can’t. (10-9 Holm)

Round 2: Holm closes the distance again, and forces Pennington against the fence. She’s controlling from there and forcing Pennington to find a way out. Lots of fence control by Holm, that’s pretty much all we’ve seen here in round two. Pennington separates late in the round and clinches as the round ends. (10-9 Holm)

Round 3: Pennington seems keen to avoid the clinch here. Holm briefly closes the distance and puts Pennington against the fence. Pennington separates though, they’re boxing in the center. Holm secures a clinch and puts Pennington back against the fence. Pennington connects with a short left hook, but she wears it well as the fight comes to a close. (10-9 Holm) (30-27 Holm)

Result: Holly Holm def. Raquel Pennington via Unanimous Decision

Donald Cerrone vs. Conor McGregor (Welterweight) 

Round 1: McGregor opens with a left, but they clinch. McGregor lands several hard shots to Cerrone, with his shoulder. They separate, and McGregor connects with a high kick! McGregor lunges in with a flying knee, and then he connects with a left hand! Cerrone is down! McGregor is swarming Cerrone, the ref is giving him every chance to recover, but this fight is over! Wow! Once Cerrone was down, he recovered briefly, but McGregor swarmed him and earned the stoppage. 

Result: Conor McGregor def. Donald Cerrone via KO (Head kick and Punches) Round 1, 0:40

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