Does UFC 246 feel like a major card?

UFC 246
Conor McGregor at UFC 229 press conference (Photo Credit: Noah K. Murray © USA Today Sports)

Despite Conor McGregor facing Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, there seems to be a feeling that the card does not measure up to other cards that McGregor has been a part of. Is UFC 246 a major card?

Does UFC 246 feel like a major card?

Frank Hyden MMATorch Columnist

Not really. Maybe I’m just too focused on the NFL playoffs and some big NBA matchups but this card doesn’t have the pop you’d expect from a Conor McGregor fight. I imagine most people are expecting McGregor to win so I think that takes away from the hype a bit. I’m sure McGregor’s troubles outside of the cage help contribute to the lack of hype, if there were a good chance he would lose I would probably be more into this fight.


The disrespect shown to Donald Cerrone in the buildup also sours the big fight feel. Most of the build for this fight consists of McGregor and McGregor alone, with no mention of Cerrone whatsoever. Yes, McGregor should be a big favorite in this fight but that doesn’t mean that Cerrone has no chance or shouldn’t be talked about at all. It’s especially disrespectful to do that to a man who has done as much for, and in, the UFC as Cerrone has.

This was never going to reach the levels of hype that previous McGregor fights have reached, but this seems way below what you would expect. And as this is being treated as a one-fight card, that means that this doesn’t feel like a major card to me.

Michael Hiscoe MMATorch Columnist

It’s hard to really guage this on a Monday as I’m writing this but it doesn’t feel like a major card yet. I’m sure by Saturday it will though. With so many UFC shows and our need for instant, on-demand entertainment, the idea of “Fight Weeeek” just doesn’t work anymore. Me, and everyone else will get appropriately amped for this card Saturday night at 9:55 when it’s time to hit that “order” button.

Dylan Thompson MMATorck UK Specialist 

I think it’s a pretty dull card, any card with McGregor on will do numbers but in terms of actual quality I think it seems rushed.

Sean Covington MMATorch Contributor

It feels like a major card because of the main event but it is not a major card. Holly Holm is a has-been and so is Anthony Pettis. It’s not a bad card at all, it’s just lacks star power outside of the main event. The Nunes title fight probably should have been saved for this card instead of loading UFC 245.

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