Who wins between Frank Mir and Roy Nelson?

Frank Mir
Frank Mir (artist Grant Gould © MMATorch)

Tonight, Frank Mir and Roy Nelson will fight in the main event of Bellator 231. Who wins?

Who wins between Frank Mir and Roy Nelson?

Frank Hyden MMATorch Columnist

I guess I’ll go with Mir. To be honest, I have very little interest in this fight and I don’t think it should even take place. Mir is 2-8 in his last 10 fights and hasn’t won a fight since 2015, and Nelson is 1-4 in his last 5 fights and hasn’t won a fight since 2017. This will probably be a dud fight in which the only good thing that could happen is neither guy gets hurt too badly.

Sean Covington MMATorch Contributor

Do we have to pick a winner? It seems like they both lose in this fight. I’m going with Frank Mir. I believe Roy Nelson still has the power to knock out just about anyone but that won’t be enough to finish Mir. Frank Mir is probably going to make one final push to try and get into the title picture. That last hoorah for Mir could begin or end with this fight. It’ll be interesting to see what each fighter has left in the tank. Three more fights out of each maximum.

Michael Hiscoe MMATorch Columnist

Frank Mir has a decision win over Roy Nelson in a terrible fight from eight years ago that can’t be taken too much into consideration here because of how much each fighter has declined since then. Nelson has been the more active fighter and has probably fought the tougher guys so I think he’ll pull it out with a second-round knockout.

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