FRIDAY TOP FIVE: Top 5 Seasons of The Ultimate Fighter – Does season one top the list?

By Jared Dodds, MMATorch contributor

(5) TUF 10

This season isn’t exactly known for its standout fighters that are still in the UFC, but the lead up to this season has to have it crashing the top five. Kimbo Slice was the hottest thing in fighting, and he even got himself a first pick by Rampage Jackson. The coaches had history and did not like each other, and we got a lasting star in Roy “Big Country” Nelson, who still hangs around the heavyweight top 10 to this day. Also shout out to the runner up of this season, Brendan Schaub. He was a good fighter when he was in the UFC and now co-hosts a successful and highly entertaining podcast, “The Fighter and The Kid.”

(4) TUF 15

This was the first season to feature live fights in the show, and it was an innovation that I would love them to go back to, even if it was a logistical nightmare. It added some intrigue, as with the pre recorded fights you can sometimes deduce what the outcome will be due to how much time is left in the program when the fight starts. This season’s coaches also had quite a bit of beef in Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber, and it introduced fighters such as Myles Jury, Al Iaquinta and Michael Chiesa. All and all it was a very solid season.

(3) TUF 24

By the time this season is done it might even move a spot higher on this list, but due to its lack of conclusion we have no idea if the excitement will continue. Still, I have been highly impressed by the fighters on this season, and even if it is unlikely that any of them will present a challenge to Demetrious Johnson, dangling the carrot of a title shot has the men highly motivated to perform. Joseph Benavidez and Henry Cejudo are fine enough coaches, but their technique of mostly staying out of the fighter’s way is refreshing. I haven’t missed an episode yet, and it is unlikely that I will all season.

(2) TUF 14

From a pure success in the Octagon standpoint, this is one of the best seasons of the show ever, and one of the few that actually produced a UFC Champion. T.J. Dillishaw, John Dodson, Bryan Carraway, and Diego Brandao are some of the talented fighter from this season, which was also the introduction to many casual fans of the featherweight and bantamweight divisions. Add into all of that some craziness from Michael Bisping and Jason Miller, and you have a recipe for a very solid season of TUF.

(1) TUF 1

Every one knew this was coming, but it bears reminding just how good this season of TUF was. The fights were sloppy, the house was crazy, and the finale featured arguably one of the greatest UFC fights of all time between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar. The season also featured legends like Kenny Florian, Diego Sanchez, Josh Koscheck and Chris Leben, as well as Randy Couture and Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell as coaches. This was the first time the UFC tried this, and it was a tremendous success, bring more eyeballs to the UFC than ever and creating fans for life, as well as fighters who were inspired by watching this program. It’s the best, and thank god the UFC went through with it.

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 (Jared Dodds of Mississauga, Ontario has been a passionate MMA fan since he was 13 years old after he stumbled upon his dad watching Mintauro Nogueira vs. Frank Mir at UFC 92. He follows UFC, Bellator, Invicta, and even non-MMA productions such as Glory kickboxing. He wrestled in high school and has spent time outside of school learning specific techniques that are important parts of MMA. He hopes to fill the shoes of Jamie Penick, who once helmed the Daily Top Five List, and credits Jamie with helping him acquire more knowledge and passion for the sport of MMA.)

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