DWCS: Richie Santiago vs. Miles Johns FULL RECAP and HIGHLIGHTS

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter

Richie Santiago vs. Miles Johns (Bantamweight)

Round 1: They are throwing heavy leather here in the early part of the round. Johns scores with a takedown, but Santiago uses the fence to climb back to his feet. High paced fight here, both guys are landing but Johns seems to be landing the bigger shots. Johns scores with a single leg, but Santiago rolls through it and attempts a guillotine! Johns escapes the choke just as Santiago recovers guard. (10-9 Johns)



Round 2: Johns opens things up with a right hook. Santiago moves in with a jab but misses and eats a right hand! Santiago is down and Johns is threatening with a Darce choke! Santiago scrambles out of the position though and they are trading in the center! Johns scores with yet another takedown! His coaches want him on the feet because he is doing so well there, but his takedowns are spectacular. Santiago initiates another scramble and winds up in side control. Johns stands up, but Santiago is hanging on his back. Johns shakes him off as they drop back to the mat. Johns is looking for a head and arm triangle but Santiago has one leg trapped in half guard, which will allow him to control Johns to some degree, at least enough to avoid pressure. Johns moves to side control with just over a minute left in the round. Santiago recovers guard, he’s got feet on hips but Johns top pressure is very heavy. Johns moves into the crucifix and lands a few short shots as the round ends. (10-9 Johns)

Round 3: Johns takes Santiago down early, and lands a few hard shots from the top. Santiago scrambles though, and takes the back of Johns! Johns escapes back to his feet though, and he pressures Santiago against the fence! Johns connects with a big uppercut as they separate! He then attempts a takedown and puts Santiago on his back! Santiago scrambles through and takes the back of a turtled Johns! The ref steps in and both fighters are stood up. Johns scores with a hard jab! Santiago is starting to look like a zombie, just throwing punches into the air with a faraway look in his eye. Santiago shoots for a single but Johns sprawls! Santiago recovers guard with just under a minute left in the round. Johns lets him up and he’s swinging for the fences! He connects and Santiago is down! Johns follows him but the round will end. (10-9 Johns) (30-27 Johns)

Result: Miles Johns def. Richie Santiago via Unanimous Decision

Analysis: Miles Johns absolutely belongs in the UFC. This was a fantastic fight, and while Johns did not get a finish he certainly tried and I think he deserves a contract.


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