DWCS: Michael Lombardo vs. Kyle Daukaus FULL RECAP and HIGHLIGHTS

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter

Michael Lombardo vs. Kyle Daukaus (Middleweight)

Round 1: Lombardo connects with a right hook to get things started. Daukaus connects with a straight left hand, and then a hard right! Lombardo shoots for a takedown and completes it. Lombardo repositions and takes Daukaus down again as he was trying to stand. Back on the feet and Lombardo is controlling things against the fence. Daukaus connects with a big elbow and then a knee as they separate! Lombardo is down and Daukaus is right on top of him. Weird round… (10-9 Lombardo)

Round 2: Daukaus is controlling things early with a clinch. Lots of cage fighting in this round, both guys are having moments of control. Lombardo shoots for a takedown, but Daukaus counters him with some big knees! Lombardo shoots again, but Daukaus takes his neck! Lombardo escapes, but it was a deep guillotine for a moment. Daukaus is looking to set up a triangle. Lombardo is in trouble here, Daukaus is looking to finish this triangle. He’s transitioned to the arm, and then back to the triangle! Lombardo will survive. (10-9 Daukaus)

Round 3: Daukaus connects with a left hand and then changes levels for a takedown. He completes it, Lombardo is now planted firmly on his own back. Daukaus moves into the mount with three minutes left in the round. He is landing shots from the top and Lombardo is in serious trouble here! Lombardo gives up his back and Daukaus sets two hooks in response. (10-9 Daukaus) (29-28 Daukaus)

Result: Kyle Daukaus def. Michael Lombardo via Unanimous Decision


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