Dana White’s Contender Series RESULTS , Season 3, EP 2

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter

Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series: Season 3, Episode 2 

Miguel Baeza def. Victor Reyna 

*Reyna missed weight… that cannot be good for his prospects going into this fight.

Round 1: Baeza connects early with a big shot and Reyna is down. Baeza takes the back and attempts a neck crank, but Reyna is okay so far. Reyna scrambles out of the position and puts Baeza against the fence in the final moments of the round. It was a right straight that initially put Reyna down and that along with the back control should be enough to earn him the round. (10-9 Baeza)

Round 2: Reyna counters a high kick with a left hand! Baeza is down but he pops right back up before Reyna can capitalize. Reyna secures an under hook and puts Baeza against the fence, before choosing to return to the center. Reyna connects with a low kick, and then a jab and straight right combination. Reyna has a nice inside leg kick, he’s landed several times here in the second round. Reyna connects with an inside standing elbow! Baeza returns a hard right hand, and then a 1-2 right down the center. They clinch and Baeza connects with a big knee! Reyna collapses but he’s trying to recover! Reyna is up but Baeza connects with another knee and puts him right back down! The bell might have just saved Reyna there… He was on his way to winning the round until those last two exchanges. (10-9 Baeza)

Round 3: Reyna connects with a right hand to get things started, and follows it up with a well placed left hand. Both guys are throwing some big punches, and they’re both connecting. Reyna seems to be the better stand up fighter, but he’s been caught by big shots in the two previous rounds. He’s looking to avoid that mistake here in round three and so far he is succeeding. Baeza scores with a counter left hook, but Reyna wears it well. Baeza secures a clinch and shoves Reyna down with a front headlock, he transitions to the anaconda choke but Reyna escapes. Reyna is now in top control, and he is landing from that position. Baeza throws up a triangle but Reyna will survive the round. (10-9 Reyna) (29-28 Baeza) 

Result: Miguel Baeza def. Victor Reyna via Unanimous Decision 

Analysis: Great fight between two young fighters. It would have been interesting had Reyna won because his performance was solid but the weight miss would have been an issue. But alas, he couldn’t get the job done. Baeza looked good but it will depend on whether or not Dana White was entertained because you usually need a finish to get signed. 

Richie Santiago vs. Miles Johns (Bantamweight)

Round 1: They are throwing heavy leather here in the early part of the round. Johns scores with a takedown, but Santiago uses the fence to climb back to his feet. High paced fight here, both guys are landing but Johns seems to be landing the bigger shots. Johns scores with a single leg, but Santiago rolls through it and attempts a guillotine! Johns escapes the choke just as Santiago recovers guard. (10-9 Johns)

Round 2: Johns opens things up with a right hook. Santiago moves in with a jab but misses and eats a right hand! Santiago is down and Johns is threatening with a Darce choke! Santiago scrambles out of the position though and they are trading in the center! Johns scores with yet another takedown! His coaches want him on the feet because he is doing so well there, but his takedowns are spectacular. Santiago initiates another scramble and winds up in side control. Johns stands up, but Santiago is hanging on his back. Johns shakes him off as they drop back to the mat. Johns is looking for a head and arm triangle but Santiago has one leg trapped in half guard, which will allow him to control Johns to some degree, at least enough to avoid pressure. Johns moves to side control with just over a minute left in the round. Santiago recovers guard, he’s got feet on hips but Johns top pressure is very heavy. Johns moves into the crucifix and lands a few short shots as the round ends. (10-9 Johns)

Round 3: Johns takes Santiago down early, and lands a few hard shots from the top. Santiago scrambles though, and takes the back of Johns! Johns escapes back to his feet though, and he pressures Santiago against the fence! Johns connects with a big uppercut as they separate! He then attempts a takedown and puts Santiago on his back! Santiago scrambles through and takes the back of a turtled Johns! The ref steps in and both fighters are stood up. Johns scores with a hard jab! Santiago is starting to look like a zombie, just throwing punches into the air with a faraway look in his eye. Santiago shoots for a single but Johns sprawls! Santiago recovers guard with just under a minute left in the round. Johns lets him up and he’s swinging for the fences! He connects and Santiago is down! Johns follows him but the round will end. (10-9 Johns) (30-27 Johns)

Result: Miles Johns def. Richie Santiago via Unanimous Decision 

Analysis: Miles Johns absolutely belongs in the UFC. This was a fantastic fight, and while Johns did not get a finish he certainly tried and I think he deserves a contract.

Michael Lombardo vs. Kyle Daukaus (Middleweight)

Round 1: Lombardo connects with a right hook to get things started. Daukaus connects with a straight left hand, and then a hard right! Lombardo shoots for a takedown and completes it. Lombardo repositions and takes Daukaus down again as he was trying to stand. Back on the feet and Lombardo is controlling things against the fence. Daukaus connects with a big elbow and then a knee as they separate! Lombardo is down and Daukaus is right on top of him. Weird round… (10-9 Lombardo)

Round 2: Daukaus is controlling things early with a clinch. Lots of cage fighting in this round, both guys are having moments of control. Lombardo shoots for a takedown, but Daukaus counters him with some big knees! Lombardo shoots again, but Daukaus takes his neck! Lombardo escapes, but it was a deep guillotine for a moment. Daukaus is looking to set up a triangle. Lombardo is in trouble here, Daukaus is looking to finish this triangle. He’s transitioned to the arm, and then back to the triangle! Lombardo will survive. (10-9 Daukaus)

Round 3: Daukaus connects with a left hand and then changes levels for a takedown. He completes it, Lombardo is now planted firmly on his own back. Daukaus moves into the mount with three minutes left in the round. He is landing shots from the top and Lombardo is in serious trouble here! Lombardo gives up his back and Daukaus sets two hooks in response. (10-9 Daukaus) (29-28 Daukaus)

Result: Kyle Daukaus def. Michael Lombardo via Unanimous Decision

Zack Zane vs. Justin Gonzalez (Featherweight)

Round 1: Gonzalez scores early with a right hand! Zane is down and Gonzalez is pouring on shots! Zane scrambles but Gonzalez takes him right back down! Zane scrambles again, but Gonzalez pressures him right against the fence! Zane is throwing some big shots but Gonzalez takes him down again! Gonzalez is controlling things against the fence, and scores with a takedown! (10-9 Gonzalez)

Round 2: Gonzalez scores early with a takedown! Gonzalez is controlling Zane with a body lock and has been for some time now. Gonzalez scores with a takedown and quickly takes the back. Just total control all fight for Gonzalez here. Zane climbs back to his feet but Gonzalez takes him right back down… not the most exciting fight but a very effective performance by Gonzalez. Gonzalez takes the back and he’s looking for an RNC! Zane is defending so far though. (10-8 Gonzalez)

Round 3: My feed cut out, but it was more of the same. Gonzalez dominated this fight, Zane only landed 16 shots in total. 

Result: Justin Gonzalez def. Zack Zane via Unanimous Decision

Alton Cunningham vs. Tony Johnson 

Round 1: Johnson scores with a knockdown early on! Cunningham recovers though! Cunningham is looking for a takedown but Johnson is defending well so far. Cunningham lands a shot that puts Johnson against the fence! Johnson recovers though and he is looking for hooks. Cunningham is controlling well against the fence at this point. Cunningham lands some big knees! He’s back to controlling Johnson against the fence. Cunningham is connecting with some big punches here against the fence, and then completes a takedown! Johnson pops right back up though in the final seconds of the round. (10-9 Johnson)

Round 2: More of the same here in round two. Cunningham is controlling things against the fence but the output has slowed a bit. Cunningham is controlling the wrist and he’s just not giving Johnson any space to work. (10-9 Cunningham)

Round 3: Cunningham pressures Johnson against the cage to get things started. Cunningham completes a takedown, but Johnson recovers guard. Cunningham is landing shots from the top position, but Johnson is working back to his feet. Johnson lands an elbow in the clinch but he cannot create any separation. Johnson lands a few hard shots in the clinch. This is going to be an odd fight to score. Johnson was controlled throughout the fight but he landed plenty of strikes in the clinch. (10-9 Cunningham) 

Result: Tony Johnson def. Alton Cunningham via Unanimous Decision 

Unofficial Rankings:

  1. Miles Johns 
  2. Kyle Daukaus 
  3. Justin Gonzalez 
  4. Tony Johnson 
  5. Miguel Baeza 

Contracts Awarded: Miles Johns and Miguel Baeza






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