DWCS: Miguel Baeza vs. Victor Reyna FULL RECAP and HIGHLIGHTS

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter

Miguel Baeza vs. Victor Reyna 

*Reyna missed weight… that cannot be good for his prospects going into this fight.

Round 1: Baeza connects early with a big shot and Reyna is down. Baeza takes the back and attempts a neck crank, but Reyna is okay so far. Reyna scrambles out of the position and puts Baeza against the fence in the final moments of the round. It was a right straight that initially put Reyna down and that along with the back control should be enough to earn him the round. (10-9 Baeza)


Round 2: Reyna counters a high kick with a left hand! Baeza is down but he pops right back up before Reyna can capitalize. Reyna secures an under hook and puts Baeza against the fence, before choosing to return to the center. Reyna connects with a low kick, and then a jab and straight right combination. Reyna has a nice inside leg kick, he’s landed several times here in the second round. Reyna connects with an inside standing elbow! Baeza returns a hard right hand, and then a 1-2 right down the center. They clinch and Baeza connects with a big knee! Reyna collapses but he’s trying to recover! Reyna is up but Baeza connects with another knee and puts him right back down! The bell might have just saved Reyna there… He was on his way to winning the round until those last two exchanges. (10-9 Baeza)




Round 3: Reyna connects with a right hand to get things started, and follows it up with a well placed left hand. Both guys are throwing some big punches, and they’re both connecting. Reyna seems to be the better stand up fighter, but he’s been caught by big shots in the two previous rounds. He’s looking to avoid that mistake here in round three and so far he is succeeding. Baeza scores with a counter left hook, but Reyna wears it well. Baeza secures a clinch and shoves Reyna down with a front headlock, he transitions to the anaconda choke but Reyna escapes. Reyna is now in top control, and he is landing from that position. Baeza throws up a triangle but Reyna will survive the round. (10-9 Reyna) (29-28 Baeza)

Result: Miguel Baeza def. Victor Reyna via Unanimous Decision

Analysis: Great fight between two young fighters. It would have been interesting had Reyna won because his performance was solid but the weight miss would have been an issue. But alas, he couldn’t get the job done. Baeza looked good but it will depend on whether or not Dana White was entertained because you usually need a finish to get signed. 


Dana White’s Contender Series RESULTS , Season 3, EP 2

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