Dana White’s Contender Series, S 3, EP 4 LIVE REPORT

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter


Aaron Jeffery vs. Brendan Allen (Middleweight)

Round 1: Allen opens up with a slick 1-2 to get things started. Jeffery closes the distance and forces Allen against the fence, but only briefly. Allen reverses the position and attempts a takedown, but Jeffery defends. Allen is attempting a standing arm-triangle but gives it up to take the back. Allen completes a takedown, Jeffery stands, but Allen still has his back. Jeffrey separates and connects with several solid punches. Allen returns fire but largely misses. Allen connects with a big knee and Jeffery is down! Allen follows him and takes side control. Jeffery rolls, Allen takes his back and slaps on an RNC! Jeffrey taps and it’s all over! 

Result: Brendan Allen def. Aaron Jeffery via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1, 3:23 

Analysis: I’ve watched Allen compete in the LFA several times, and it’s about time he gets a UFC shot. He is young, and very well rounded; I’m excited about his future. He has three losses, all to guys currently in the UFC. Get the man a contract… 

Kevin Syler*  vs. Lance Lawrence (Featherweight)

*Missed weight

Round 1: They’re fighting in a phone booth in the early going. Syler connects with a knee to the body and a solid 1-2 on the follow-up. Syler is the much shorter man but he is having no problem getting inside. Uppercut lands for Syler, he follows it up with a right straight and a hook to the body. Syler is showing some good boxing so far, Lawrence is taking the shots but he isn’t landing much offense of his own. Lawrence shoots, he doesn’t get it, but it does allow him to open up with a flurry of strikes. Syler is turning it up! Lawrence is a bloody mess with one minute left in the round. Lawrence seems to have head movement just for head movements’ sake. He’s walking right into punches, Syler has the timing down to a tee. Syler clinches and completes a takedown, he takes the back with just a few seconds left in the round. (10-9 Syler) Syler looks very good so far. It’s unfortunate that he missed weight. 

Round 2: Syler completes a single-leg takedown early in the round. Lawrence recovers guard, he’s looking for a triangle but Syler is aware of it. Syler is opening up with punches and elbows with three minutes left in the round. Lawrence is absorbing a lot of shots here. Syler moves into mount, Lawrence rolls but he stays with him. Syler has the back, he has a bit of a crank of the neck, but Lawrence pulls out of it. Lawrence is tough but he is taking a beating here. Lawrence attempts an armbar but Syler pulls out of it. Syler is looking for an Achilles lock, but Lawrence pops out of it and into side control! Lawrence opens up with a few hammerfists in the final moments of the round. (10-9 Syler)

Round 3: Lawrence has a baseball-sized hematoma on his head… They’re fighting at a very close distance here in round three. Both guys are landing punches and elbows! Syler attacks the body with several good punches! Lawrence shoots and completes a very well timed takedown! He moves into the mount, and takes the back as Syler rolls! Lawrence has one hook in, and now a second! Syler rolls though and takes top control. Lawrence has the neck, but Syler is forcing his way to the back and takes it with just under two minutes left in the round. Syler secures a neck crank, but Lawrence fights his way out of it! Wow! Lance Lawrence came to fight! Syler repositions and attacks the neck again with a crank! Lawrence escapes the crank, but Syler’s body triangle remains. What a fight! (10-9 Syler) (30-27 Syler) Great fight… I would give both guys a contract. Of course, Syler missed weight and Lawrence lost… but I stand by what I said. Just really good stuff here, maybe the best fight in the history of this show. 

Result: Kevin Syler def. Lance Lawrence via Unanimous Decision 

Analysis: So much to like about this fight… hard to say what happens with Syler considering the weight issue. But I would love to see these two rematch on a fight night card sometime in the future… a lot needs to happen though. 

Don’Tale Mayes vs. Ricardo Prasel (Heavyweight) 

Notes: Mayes is 6’6/254 while Prasel is 6’7/234… Large. 

Round 1: Mayes is swinging for the fences right out of the gate! Prasel closes the distance and puts Mayes against the fence. Mayes scores with an inside leg kick and follows it up with a few wild strikes. Prasel scores with a single leg drag takedown, but Mayes pops right back up. Prasel lands a knee and attempts another takedown. Mayes survives though, and circles away from his opponent. Prasel is landing the occasional low kick but he really isn’t landing on the feet. Mayes rushes in with a right hand, Prasel dodges the first one, but eats a follow up left hook right on the jaw! Prasel is down and out! 

Result: Don’Tale Mayes def. Ricardo Prasel via KO (Punch) Round 1, 4:59 

Analysis: It took a moment for Mayes to find the spot but it felt inevitable. Prasel was flat-footed, and really just wasn’t doing anything of note. 

Armando Villarreal vs. Ode Osbourne (Bantamweight)

Round 1: Osbourne catches a kick early on and puts Villareal on his back. Villareal climbs back to his feet and attempts a takedown but Osbourne shakes him. Osbourne lands a couple of straight punches and Villareal looked like he felt them. Villarreal closes the distance and clinches. He’s having a hard time making anything happen though. Osbourne connects with a front kick! Villarreal shoots, but Osbourne catches his neck! Villareal bull rushes towards the fence and takes Osbourne down! Villareal is pressuring from the top position. Osbourne throws up an armbar and Villarreal verbally taps! Wow! What a finish! 

Result: Ode Osbourne def. Armando Villarreal via Verbal Submission (Armbar) Round 1, 4:39

Stephen Regman vs. Antonio Arroyo (Middleweight)

Round 1: Arroyo is targeting the inside of the lead leg in the early part of the first round. Regman is throwing some big shots but nothing is connecting so far. Arroyo lands a kick, but Regman catches the follow-up kick and takes Arroyo down to the mat. Arroyo scrambles but Regman catches his neck, he’s looking for a Darce. Arroyo scrambles and eats a knee but they are back on their feet. (10-9 Arroyo)

Round 2: Arroyo opens up with a wheel kick… Regman ducks and takes him down. Regman lands a few shots on the ground before Arroyo is able to kick his way up. Arroyo connects with a high kick! Regman hits the mat, but recovers and throws up an armbar! Arroyo escapes the armbar and he is now standing over Regman. Arroyo drops to side control, Regman gives up his back, and Arroyo takes it. Arroyo is starting to open up with shots here on the ground. Regman is defending but Arroyo is attacking with an Arm-Triangle Choke… The choke is deep and Regman taps!

Result: Antonio Arroyo def. Stephen Regman via Submission (Arm-Triangle) Round 2, 3:31 

Unofficial Rankings: 

  1. Kevin Syler- Best performer of the night, but the weight issues will likely prevent him from getting a contract. 
  2. Don’Tale Mayes- Third time should be the charm for Mayes, especially considering that he competes in a weak division. 
  3. Brendan Allen- Should get a contract. 
  4. Ode Osbourne – Possibly needs another fight, but the finish was spectacular. I’d give him a contract… for what that’s worth. 
  5. Antonio Arroyo- Deserves a contract, his performance/finish wasn’t quite as impressive as Osbourne’s but with that being said he still seems a bit more ready for some reason. 

Contracts Awarded: Brendan Allen, Don’Tale Mayes, Ode Osbourne, Antonio Arroyo 

Final Notes: Kevin Syler drew high praise from Dana White, but he did not receive a contract over his weight issue. Dana White said he will find a way for Syler to redeem himself… better than nothing I guess. 

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