UFC Fight Night 5.8.2021 Review

Middleweight Fight

Phil Hawes vs. Kyle Daukaus

The first round was the traditional feeler round where it was a lot of clinching and feeling out.  Daukaus landed some serious shots in the second round and boht fighters seemed to amp things up.  Hawes ramped up his striking at the end of the second round as Daukaus looked to come back in a bit too quickly from taking a low blow.  Hawes got Daukaus to the ground in the third and kept him there for an extended period of time while landing strikes.  Daukaus didn’t seem to have any answers.  The third round was all Hawes, he’s a different guy than the last time we saw him, and that guy is dangerous.

Result: Unanimous Decision for Phil Hawes

Rating: 7/10

Lightweight Fight

Diego Ferreira vs. Gregor Gillespie

The first round was absolutely nuts, Ferreira kept trying to get the upper hand when it went to the ground, but Gillespie seemed to have an answer for everything.  Both fighters seemed to have an incredible ability to adapt and improvise.  Gillespie got the finish in the second round after getting a top position for an unreasonable amount of time.  Gillespie needed a win like this and he showed off his unbelievable cardio due to the crazy pace he kept up all fight long. 

Result: 2nd Round TKO for Gregor Gillespie

Rating: 8.5/10

Heavyweight Fight

Maurice Greene vs. Marcos Rogerio De Lima

This fight started out as a classic big haus brawl, but it went to the ground that the advantage there was all Greene in the first round.  The second round went to the mat very quickly but it was De Lima with control this time, he landed shots where he could and it was very impressive to see him keep the top position for basically the entire round.  Before the third round started referee Herb Dean called both fighters out for fouls and gave a stern warning.  De Lima got top position very quickly again and kept it with relative ease.  There wasn’t much excitement to this fight to be honest.  Very impressive effort for De Lima.

Result: Unanimous Decision for Marcos Rogerio De Lima

Rating: 6/10

Welterweight Fight

Neil Magny vs. Geoff Neal

This fight started as crazy as we all wanted it to.  This was a very “by popular demand” fight, and it got off to a quick start.  Neal came out of the first round with a cut under his eye, but it was an even enough round.  The second round was more or less a display of the kind of fighters these men are.  Magny kept his wild style about him and did a lot to keep Neal guessing, while Neal kept his cool and never lost his focus when trying to jump on a mistake.  Magny let loose in the third round, he had kept the pressure up all fight, but he unleashed everything in the third.  He scored a takedown, and kept a clinch for an extended period of time and landed a lot of good shots.  Magny simply threw so many strikes that it just seemed like Neal couldn’t handle it, and Neal halfway folded in the third round.

Result: Unanimous Decision for Neil Magny

Rating: 8/10

Welterweight Fight

Donald Cerrone vs. Alex Morono

We only needed one round for this one.  Cerrone looked like he just wanted to wait for his moment and take it, while Morono was trying to create one.  Morono caught Cerrone with a good punch and jumped all over him.  Cerrone never went down but the ref stopped the fight after Cerrone wasn’t defending himself and was basically out on his feet.  This is a huge win for Morono who took this fight on only one week’s notice.  This is a big development in the welterweight division.  Morono will take a big step up and it looks like Cowboy Cerrone might actually be on his way out.

Result: 1st Round TKO for Alex Morono

Rating: 8/10

Main Event

Women’s Flyweight Fight

Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson

Rodriguez got the upper hand in the first round by landing a few more good shots than Waterson.  Waterson seemed like she didn’t see a lot of the angles that Rodriguez capitalized on.  Rodriguez padded her lead in the second round, she seemed to be good at keeping Waterson guessing.  Waterson got a little bit back in the third round but Rodriguez more or less kept control.  Waterson seemed to lack enthusiasm in making a comeback.  Waterson took advantage of a clinch up against the cage and got top position on Rodriguez after taking the fight to the ground.  Waterson worked herself into a spot to do some ground and pound in the last minute of the fourth round.  The fifth round was the best way this one could finish, it was very strike heavy, both fighters tried to get a finish and Waterson seemed to pull things just about even.  

Result: Unanimous Decision for Marina Rodriguez

Rating: 8.5/10

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