LIVE UFC 237 REPORT: Real-time results & analysis of Namajunas-Andrade, Cannonier-Silva

By Cole Henry, MMATorch Contributor

UFC 237
May 11, 2019
Barra da Tijuca, Brazil from Jeunesse Arena
Live on UFC Fight Pass/ESPN+ (6:15 PM ET), ESPN (8 PM ET), and ESPN+ PPV (10 PM ET)

ESPN+ Prelims

Carlos Huachin vs. Raoni Barcelos (Bantamweight)

Favorite: Barcelos -1,100

Round 1: Both guys are looking for an opening in the early moments. Barcelos lands a nice left hand and follows it up with a well-timed kick to the midsection. Lots of striking in the first round but nobody really ever pulled ahead. We didn’t see any attempts at wrestling from Barcelos, but he landed that sharp kick to the midsection and I’d say he edged things out. (10-9 Barcelos)

Round 2: Barcelos looks for a takedown early but Huachin defends it. Barcelos lands a solid right hand and completes a takedown. He’s opening up from the top position and landing lots of shots here. Huachin is working, he’s moving, but he’s getting beaten up. Barcelos takes the mount, Huachin attempts to buck and gives up his back in the process. Huachin scrambles again and recovers a half guard. Barcelos easily takes the mount again, no competition here on the ground, all defense so far by Huachin. Huachin appears to be eye gouging, the ref is swiping his hand away. Barcelos is landing some big elbows in the final seconds of the round and its all over! Dominant performance, but a poor stoppage maybe? Hard to say.

Result: Raoni Barcelos def. Carlos Huachin via TKO (Elbows) Round 2, 4:49

Luana Carolina vs. Priscila Cachoeira

Round 1:  They’re engaging early, both are throwing hooks. Carolina is a very tall fighter, and she keeps her head held high, with her chin exposed. Interesting technique there… Carolina lands a high kick but Cachoeira eats it and keeps moving forward. Carolina is bleeding a bit from beneath her right here. Cachoeira connects with a right hand as the round ends. (10-9 Cachoeira)

Round 2: They’re exchanging some pretty wild strikes early in the round. Carolina connects with a hell of a high kick! That makes two but Cachoeira is wearing them well. After a few more exchanges, Carolina connects with another high kick! Cachoeira is down, Carolina is taking the back but transitions to an armbar. Cachoeira escapes though, and she’ll survive the round. (10-9 Carolina)

Round 3: I had to take a phone call and missed this round. I hate when life gets in the way of MMA. All I want is MMA.

Result: Luana Carolina def. Priscila Cachoeira via Unanimous Decision

ESPN Prelims

BJ Penn vs. Clay Guida (Lightweight)

Favorite: Guida -700

Round 1:  Penn lands a nice left hook early on, but Guida returns one of his own. Big low kick lands for Guida. Penn is landing the jab but Guida is targeting the lead leg. Penn is leading most of the exchanges on the feet here and he’s starting to really hone in with the jab. We’re also seeing good defense and head movement from Penn, but he isn’t defending that lead leg. Uppercut lands for Penn! Penn is one step ahead of Guida here! (10-9 Penn)

Round 2: Penn lands a lunging left hook to start the round. Solid “BJ” chant going on in the crowd. Guida continues to land the low kicks. He’s eventually going to force Penn to make a change. I can’t say enough good things about Penn’s defense. Guida is having a very hard time finding a home for his punches. Guida connects with a grazing high kick and then shoots for a takedown. Penn hits the fence, and we’ll see if Guida can take him down from here. Penn creates space and separates, but Guida is staying on him and Penn might be facing a bit here. Guida scores with a takedown late in the round and that will probably give him the edge. (10-9 Guida)

Round 3: Penn is clearly not in a good place to start the round. Guida is moving forward and landing. Penn is tired, he has looked good all night, but he looks exhausted here. Guida is looking for a takedown, and he should be able to get it here. They separate and Guida drops Penn with a right hand! Penn is up but Guida is right back on him. Guida lands a right straight and an uppercut. He’s looking for a takedown again, but Penn is leaning against the fence. Guida opens up with a flurry and Penn eats a few of them. Penn connects with an uppercut but Guida is pressuring. Penn has one minute to get off the fence. Good performance by both men… Penn didn’t look terrible in the beginning. But man, it’s a shame to know where he is now, and where he could have been if things had just gone a bit differently. (10-9 Guida) (29-28 Guida)

Result: Clay Guida def. BJ Penn via Unanimous Decision

Analysis: Call me what you will. BJ Penn did not look bad and if he wants to fight again its on him… The Ryan Hall loss was a sad one, this one was sad but it wasn’t embarrassing… ah what am I saying… Nice win for Clay Guida. Third round was a possible 10-8 and in fact one judge scored it that way.

Sergio Moraes vs. Warlley Alves (Welterweight)

Favorite: Alves -170

Round 1: Alves is targeting the legs early. We’re seeing mostly defense by Moraes here early in the first round. Moraes connects with a big right hand! Alves returns fire with a low kick! We see a brief break in the action as Alves pokes Moraes in the eye. Basically, we’re seeing Alves move forward, while Moraes plays defense and waits for a chance to throw his power shots. (10-9 Alves)

Round 2: Alves continues to eat the legs of Moraes with low kicks. Alves lands to the body with a solid hook. More low kicks connect for Alves. Moraes seems to be fading here, the low kicks are clearly having an effect and his efforts to defend them are waning. Moraes connects with a left hook, finally breaking a bit of a dry spell. Alves lands to the body as he evades a takedown attempt. (10-9 Alves)

Round 3: Alves scores early with a knee to the body and a low kick. Moraes continues to fade, and Alves is turning it up more and more in response. I know I keep mentioning the low kicks but at this point I really don’t understand how Moraes is still taking these shots. Moraes is just shaking his head when he’s getting hit… he clearly just wants this fight to end. Alves attempts a flying knee! Moraes avoids the knee but eats an uppercut! Moraes crumbles to the mat into a heap and this fight is over!

Result: Warlley Alves def. Sergio Moraes via KO (Uppercut) Round 3, 4:13

Kurt Holobaugh vs. Thiago Moises (Lightweight)

Favorite: Pick em

Round 1: Holobaugh opens up with a combo and initiates a takedown attempt. Holobaugh lands a right hand a follows it up with a low kick. He’s looking for another takedown, but Moises appears to have solid defense. Moises takes Holobaugh down and moves right into side control. Holobaugh recovers a half guard, but Moises is landing shots from there. Holobaugh recovers guard, he’s looking for an armbar, but Moises is defending. (10-9 Moises)

Round 2: Holobaugh starts with a series of hooks but eats a shot for his efforts. He closes the distance against the fence, but Moises works out of it. Moises shoots and takes Holobaugh down again. Holobaugh is up but it took a mighty effort to get there. Holobaugh shoots for his own takedown now, but he can’t get it. Moises is back in control against the fence. Lots of clinch work here, Moises lands a solid elbow and uppercut. Holobaugh is turning it up late, he’s attacking the head and body. (10-9 Moises)

Round 3: Moises connects with a solid shot that puts Holobaugh down. Moises takes top control, but Holobaugh works out after a scramble. Moises shoots again but Holobaugh sprawls this time. He keeps driving though and puts Holobaugh on his back. Holobaugh works to his feet again, but Moises takes his neck! Holobaugh could be in trouble here! Moises lets go of the choke, Holobaugh takes his leg and he’s looking for a takedown… this is not a good fight. Moises takes top control and unloads with a few elbows in the final moments of the right. (10-9 Moises) (30-27 Moises)

Result: Thiago Moises def. Kurt Holobaugh via Unanimous decision

Rogerio Nogueira vs. Ryan Spann (Light-heavyweight)

Favorite: Spann -270

Favorite: Spann score early with a takedown! He attacks with an arm-triangle, but Nog escapes and we’re back on the feet. They’re trading shots. Nog is landing but Spann is much faster! Spann connects with a left straight and follows it up with an uppercut! Nogueira is down and out! Big win for Ryan Spann!

Result: Ryan Spann def. Rogerio Nogueira via KO (Punches) Round 1, 2:07

ESPN+ PPV Main Card

Irene Aldana vs. Bethe Correia (Women’s Bantamweight)

Favorite: Aldana -280

Round 1: Lots of back and forth boxing early on. Correia is throwing kicks to the midsection, but she’s coming up short. She’s choosing to fight at range, whereas we normally see her charging forward. Aldana connects with a left hook, but Correia is starting to get in her face a bit more. Aldana connects with another right hand. She has much crisper boxing, but Correia is able to capitalize when she moves forward. (10-9 Aldana)

Round 2: Correia is a lot more active in this round. Aldana is just using the same punches over and over and Correia is starting to figure them out a bit. Correia continues to charge forward with hooks, but Aldana is getting through. (10-9 Correia)

Round 3: Correia is getting hit early, she’s standing in place and Aldana is using movement. Correia connects with a low kick and a left hand. Correia is moving forward but Aldana is keeping out of range. Left hook lands for Correia but her feet are never. Correia shoots for a single but Adana avoids it and takes the back. She’s searching for an armbar from the back and its all over!

Result: Irene Aldana def. Bethe Correia via Submission (Armbar) Round 3, 3:24

Thiago Alves vs. Laureano Staropoli (Welterweight)

Favorite: Alves -115

Round 1: Staropoli lands to the body and the lead leg to get things started. Staropoli is throwing some very unique stuff here in the first round, lots of spinning kicks and elbows. Alves lands a straight left hand as Staropoli moves in. Staropoli is very active but he isn’t landing much. Alves lands an over hand right just as the round ends. Hard round to call. (10-9 Staropoli)

Round 2: Staropoli connects with a short-left hook that knocks Alves down. I think it was a slip, but it was hard to tell. Staropoli might be getting tired, but its hard to tell. He’s throwing with a big less frequency and Alves is starting to pick up the pace. Big left-hand lands for Staropoli! Alves returns one of his own. Staropoli connects with an uppercut-left hook combination. He’s slowed with the kicks but he’s landing a lot pf punches, I think I misjudged when I said he was tired earlier. Alves is rushing in with knees, but Staropoli avoids the brunt of them and returns a body shot. (10-9 Alves) These rounds are very hard to score; I think its 1-1 but Staropoli could be up 2 rounds.

Round 3: They’re swinging early! Alves shoots and competes a takedown! Staropoli is up though after a scramble. Staropoli connects with a jumping knee to the body. He’s targeting whatever Alves is leaving open. Alves secures a body lock and takes the back but Staropoli reverses the position and they separate. Alves clinches and lands a big knee! Staropoli is on his heels! He returns a left hook, but Alves is right in his face. Alves lands a knee and a couple of big punches as the round ends! (10-9 Alves) (29-28 Alves)

Result: Laureano Staropoli def. Thiago Alves via Unanimous Decision

Alexander Volkanovski vs. Jose Aldo (Featherweight)

Favorite: Aldo -135

Round 1: They’re trading low kicks early. Aldo connects with several hooks to the body, but Volkanovski is the more active fighter through the first few minutes. Volkanovski connects with a left hand and Aldo gives one right back. Aldo’s lead leg is showing signs of damage. Volkanovski closes the distance and forces the fight against the fence. Volkanovski connects with a left hand in the final seconds. (10-9 Volkanovski)

Round 2: Volkanovski is opening the round with light low kicks. Aldo connects with a left hook! Volkanovski initiates a clinch but Aldo separates. Volkanovski moves in with a jab and connects with an elbow. I think they may have clashed heads, the ref has separated the men and sent them to neutral corners. Turns out it was an eye poke, I thought he landed a jab, but it was an eye poke that set up the elbow. Volkanovski closes the distance and forces the fight against the fence. He’s landing knees to the thigh, and more importantly further damaging Aldo’s right leg. Aldo slides out of the clinch and attempts a takedown with a body lock, but Volkanovski counters with an under hook. (10-9 Volkanovski) Volkanovski is winning just by staying active.

Round 3: Volkanovski strikes first with a right hand. He closes the distance and puts Aldo’s back against the fence. Aldo turns out of it and we’re back in the center. Volkanovski slips a jab and puts Aldo against the fence, yet again. Lots of control here and Aldo seems a bit tired, he’s allowing Volkanovski to control him. Great performance by Volkanovski, but Jose Aldo did not have his best performance tonight. Volkanovski controlled him in the clinch, and out struck him on the feet. Volkanovski should fight Max Holloway next. (10-9 Volkanovski) (30-27 Volkanovski)

Result: Alexander Volkanovski def. Jose Aldo via Unanimous Decision

Anderson Silva vs. Jared Cannonier (Middleweight)

Favorite:  Cannonier -115

Round 1: Both guys are taking it easy in the early going. Cannonier opens up with a low kick that buckles Silva for a moment. Silva returns a kick to the mid-section, and a jab to the body. Cannonier connects with a right hand, and then another, and another! Silva secures a clinch but Cannonier lands several shots and escapes back to the center. Cannonier connects with a low kick and Silva crumbles! Herb Dean steps in and this fight is over!

Result: Jared Cannonier def. Anderson Siva via TKO (Leg Kick) Round 1, 4:47

Analysis: Anderson Silva claimed in his post fight speech that he suffered a knee injury in training, but Cannonier was targeting that leg all night and it finally paid off. Cannonier looks great as a middleweight and should get a higher ranked opponent in his next fight. As for Silva, who knows whats next. I guess it will depend on the severity of the injury.

Jessica Andrade vs. © Rose Namajunas (Women’s Strawweight)

Favorite: Andrade -115

Round 1:  Rose is moving in and out early on here. Andrade rushes in and eats a few shots for her effort. Rose connects with a 1-2 but Andrade connects with a low kick as well. Andrade shoots for a takedown but Rose counters with a kimura attempt. They scramble back to the feet and Rose takes Andrade right back down! They scramble again and we’re back on the feet. Namajunas connects with a big shot and Andrade is down! She’s back on her feet but Rose is right back on her! (10-9 Rose Namajunas)

Round 2: Andrade connects with a grazing left hand to get things started. Rose is scoring again and again with the jab! Andrade connects with a shot to the body but eats several straight shots for her efforts. Andrade charges in with a left hand and a takedown attempt! Rose is attempting to counter the takedown with a kimura, just as she did in the first round. Andrade lifts her up and slams her! Rose is out! This fight is over!

Result: Jessica Andrade def. Rose Namajunas via KO (Slam) Round 2, 2:58

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