COVINGTON’S CORNER: UFC continues to lack decency in use of Greg Hardy

By Sean Covington, MMATorch Contributor

Nov 15, 2015; Tampa, FL, USA;Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy (76) against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the second half at Raymond James Stadium. Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 10-6. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

At UFC Brooklyn Greg Hardy was booked to fight on the same card as Rachael Ostovich who was involved in a domestic violence incident with her husband. It was very clear at that point, that the UFC certainly wasn’t sympathetic to the struggles of (alleged, I don’t wanna put that I kinda have to) victims of domestic violence. This is a company that continues to move the goal post, repaint the end zone and literally move the field for Jon Jones so this is no surprise to many. There is nothing that I would put past Dana White or the UFC.

Do people deserve multiple chances, I say yes. I think that this is Greg Hardy’s chance to use his platform to better himself, do I believe he’ll do that, nope. Greg Hardy’s platform is to inflict punishment on others through very violent means and that displays exactly how he wishes to use his multiple chances; he doesn’t change. Something Hardy and the UFC have in common. This is an issue we either draw the line at or continue to overlook. I’m not sure exactly what could be done to make UFC take notice. Charges were dropped against Hardy in his last ordeal so there is really no action to take. He should be banned from all sports in the country if he is involved in any violent crimes again…that’s if he’s not in jail.

It was reported that Dana White was sick talking about putting Hardy on the card with Ostovich, I could imagine so as it dealt with having decency. That’s all this has to do with, decency; a thing no longer common in the UFC (or modern society for that matter).


This is a business move. Hardy being on the main card is not a big deal because hardcore fans will buy the PPVs anyway. If the UFC were being “fair” they’d put Hardy on the prelims and let the more casual audience see him and make up their own minds instead of sandwiching his fights. Being the co-main event isn’t a thing that should be awarded to a fighter of Hardy’s short tenure nor a man with his past. Co-main event status has to be earned and Greg Hardy has a lot more to prove before he can even begin to earn anything both as a man and as a fighter.

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