Bellator 220’s Liam McGeary on appreciating WWE and if he’d ever make the jump to pro wrestling

By Michael Hiscoe, Managing Editor

@LiamMcGeary1, Instagram

Former Bellator light heavyweight champion Liam McGeary has his hands full with Phil Davis this weekend at Bellator 220, but he always finds time to enjoy some time to himself and with his family.

The father of two has had the opportunity to attend the MTV Video Music Awards in the past and has also sat front row for a WWE event at the O2 Arena in London. When asked by MMATorch which event he preferred, McGeary had no trouble answering.

“WWE most definitely,” McGeary told Dylan Bowker.

McGeary did show some trepidation with showing too much love for pro-wrestling, but he did his best to defend its place in combat sports.

“It’s entertainment,” he said. “It is what it is. The other day we had Wrestlemania on here and my friend was like ‘Why are you watching this? It’s all fake’ and I was like, ‘You know it’s fake, it’s been fake for years,’ but the thing is there are 90,000 people in that stadium and they all know it’s fake. But they go there because it’s entertainment.”

McGeary also noted some of the differences between watching wrestling on TV and in person.


“MMA is now the alternative to that entertainment, but it’s a real fight. You just take (pro wrestling) for what it is. I saw them throw a forearm to the face and they were nowhere near them and we burst out laughing. On the TV it looks like they’re hitting them and then you see it live and you see they’re nowhere near hitting each other.”

But would Liam McGeary ever consider getting in the WWE ring like many of his contemporaries have?

“No, I’d end up f-ing cracking someone in the face by mistake. I’d be no good at that kind of stuff.”

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