BOWKS TALKING BOUTS: Dylan Bowker talks to Bellator flyweight challenger Veta Arteaga

By Dylan Bowker, MMATorch Contributor

@VetaArteaga, Instagram

On this episode of Bowks Talking Bouts, Veta Arteaga came on ahead of her Flyweight title bid against Ilima Lei Macfarlane at Bellator 220.

Veta discussed her brother getting her into MMA early on. Veta talked about being a guillotine specialist (2:09). Veta’s thoughts on Ilima Lei Macfarlane’s skillset and who Veta is working with at SBG Idaho ahead of their fight (3:15).

Veta Arteaga talked about growing fight scene out in Boise, Idaho and using her platform to help out marginalized people in a tough spot (7:54). CBD and Yoga being essential for the recovery of Veta Arteaga (9:20). The diverse go-to music that Veta trains to (11:53).


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