BELLATOR 186 PREDICTIONS: Covington’s predictions for the Bader vs. Vassell headlined main card


A grain of salt? You better get a whole plate ready to take this…


Main card

Zack Freeman vs Saad Awad

I’m taking Saad; I gotta go with experience. Something’s telling me Awad has more left in the tank and wants to prove it. If Zach Freeman knocks out Awad then Awad should retire on the spot. At the weigh-ins Zach Freeman said he wanted an all action fight but if Saad hits him with a haymaker it’s over.

Leo Leite vs Phil Davis

Davis is so done, he isn’t a gatekeeper and has never been close to being anyone of note. The championship he had was taken by a guy that I couldn’t give any less **** about. I hope Leite knocks him out of MMA forever or at least to King of the Cage so that I can feel sorry for him. I’m hoping Leo can stop the takedown attempts, but I doubt it. My prediction is that Phil Davis will just fight his same boring style and lull Leo Leite to sleep.

Chris Dempsey vs Ed Ruth

This one is a toss up, I can’t really give the edge to anyone and anything can happen in Bellator. If I had to bet money I would go against experience on this one. Ed Ruth has the whole “hometown” crowd advantage being a Penn State alum like Phil Davis, and that should give him the boost he needs to drop Chris Dempsey somewhere in the early second round.

Emily Ducote vs Ilima-Lei Macfarlane

I hope this rematch from Bellator 167 will go the other way this time and set up a trilogy. Emily Ducote has the skills  and being the first women’s flyweight champ is definitely extra incentive to avenge a loss. Macfarlane was all fun and smiles at the weigh-ins; usually spelling doom for the opponent. When you’re as relaxed as Ilima-Lei Macfarlane was you got it in the bag.

Ryan Bader vs Linton Vassell

Bader’s claim to fame right now is beating resident jobber Phil Davis and yes I say jobber because he is “just a guy,” at best. I don’t have a problem with UFC guys jumping ship, especially with their crappy contracts and payouts, but I do have a problem with guys that weren’t good enough in UFC to become champ looking for gold in Bellator. You can ask Benson Henderson how that can works out for you.

…that said, I got Bader sticking to what he knows best and holding on to that WWE European Championship he has, it even kinda looks like it.

The card is good, there is a decent amount of hype, let’s see what sort of numbers Davis and Bader can bring in on the main card again.

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