McGrath’s top 25 fights in UFC history: Part 1 (21-25)

By David McGrath, MMATorch Contributor

Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz (photo credit J. Rebilas © USA Today Sports)

The 25 greatest fights in UFC History

Along with our list of the top 25 UFC fighters of all-time, we will be running a list of the top 25 UFC fights according to David McGrath. Check back everyday as we count down towards McGrath’s #1 UFC fight.

25. Paul Felder Vs Mike Perry – UFC 226, July 7, 2018

What a war! Mike Perry and Paul Felder gave us a hell of a show on the main card of UFC 227. Perry broke Felder’s arm midway through the second round and Felder kept coming. Felder with a gash on his head and blood everywhere, showed the heart of a lion. Perry hung with him equally and did enough to win this war. In one of the most entertaining fights of 2018, Felder vs. Perry takes the #25 spot.

24. Frankie Edgar Vs Gray Maynard 2 – UFC 125, Jan. 1, 2011

In one of the most brutal first rounds you will ever see, Gray Maynard put a hurting on Frankie Edgar at UFC 125. I found it hard to believe anyone could survive that sort of punishment. Edgar as usual showed the heart of a champion, taking Maynard down and boxing him on the feet to make it to the finish. In a five round back and forth war the two lightweight fighters earned, amazingly, a draw.

23. Holly Holm Vs. Ronda Rousey – UFC 193, Nov. 15, 2015

This fight is so significant because it signified the end of an era. The era of Rousey being the most dominant female fighter of all time, and took away her invincibility. Holly Holm was the perfect fighter to defeat Rousey. Holm being one of the greatest female boxers of all time, beat Rousey to every punch and ending her with a brutal, highlight real head kick knockout.

22. Nate Diaz Vs Conor McGregor – UFC 196, March 5, 2016

When a fighter takes a fight on 11 days notice and shakes up the entire MMA world by beating the hottest superstar the sport has ever seen, it’s bound to be a fight we all remember. When Conor McGregor finished round 1 against Diaz he had to have thought that this was going the way of his last few fights, an early KO. McGregor abused Diaz through one round, beating him to the punch and brutalizing Diaz’s face. Then something happened, Diaz caught his wind. With an iron chin, Diaz took every shot and found his way back, hurting McGregor with straight lefts and wearing the Irishman down. The final sequence with McGregor on the ropes shooting for a weak, sloppy takedown and Diaz easily submitting him is one to remember. Diaz proudly proclaimed in his post fight interview ”there’s a new king of this motherfucker” Sure. For a bit anyway.

21. Michael Johnson Vs. Justin Gaethje – TUF 25 Finale, July 7, 2017

Nobody does war quite like Justin Gaethje. A profoundly offensive, caution to the wind striker . When he met another striker Michael Johnson at TUF 25, fireworks were bound to happen. With a seesaw fight where both fighters were seemingly out on there feet at multiple different instances, the fans in Las Vegas got one hell of a show. Gaethje, after looking down and out 3-4 times eventually finished a bloody, exhausted Johnson in round 2.

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