Holloway to McGregor: Go figure your life out

By Robert Vallejos, MMATorch Contributor

Max Holloway (photo credit Gary A. Vasquez © USA Today)

Max Holloway expressed concern for rival Conor McGregor in an exclusive interview.

UFC featherweight champion will forever be compared to lightweight champion Conor McGregor; but right now Holloway is only concerned with the well-being of McGregor.

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, Holloway expressed concern about the recent rash of public and rumored incidences, involving McGregor.

Holloway said that he would tell McGregor, “Go figure your life out. What’s going on in the media is crazy. You’re hearing crazy things about the dude, and I hope it’s not true.”

Holloway is likely referring to McGregor twice drawing the ire of MMA officials as a fan, showing up late for a traffic hearing and unconfirmed reports of being involved in a bar fight with dubious characters.

Despite, Holloway’s sobering words for McGregor, the two did exchange barbs on social media shortly after Holloway notched his second consecutive victory over featherweight legend Jose Also at UFC 218.

Of course, Holloway and McGregor have a lengthy history together.

The two fighters faced off on the prelims of UFC Fight Night 26 in August of 2013. On that night McGregor earned a unanimous decision victory.

Since then, McGregor has become the biggest draw in MMA, captured two titles simultaneously, and engineered a massively successful boxing bout with Floyd Mayweather.

While he has not achieved the same level stardom as McGregor; Holloway has gone on a meteoric run over the last four years.

For his part, Holloway has gone on a 12 fight winning streak, captured the featherweight title (The one vacated by McGregor) and established dominance over Jose Aldo.

While it is unclear if McGregor will ever compete as a featherweight or in the UFC ever again; it seems likely that Holloway will continue to answer questions regarding McGregor.

The see the entire interview click here.


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