ROUNDTABLE: Who wins the Justin Gaethje vs. Eddie Alvarez fight and why?

BY MMATorch Staff

Who wins the Justin Gaethje vs. Eddie Alvarez fight and why?

DAVE KOULA, MMATorch Contributor

I haven’t given up on Eddie overall but this is a terrible match up for him. Eddie has talked repeatedly about throwing caution to the wind and going for broke from bell to bell, and that could not be a worse strategy against Gaethje.  I think the chin, youth and confidence of Gaethje will put him in a spot where he’ll time Eddie down and deliver a well-placed shot and turn the lights out.  The real question is if this fight can possibly be as good as we all think it should be?  I sure hope so.

SEAN COVINGTON, MMATorch Contributor

Eddie Alvarez is still hungry but I think he’s gonna get knocked out. Eddie Alvarez got exposed against McGregor; I honestly think his career is over unless he goes back to Bellator and even then it looks bleek.

JOSHUA GARCIA, MMATorch Contributor

Justin Gaethje will win with a knockout.  Gaethje will press the action and this should turn into a brawl.  Both guys have knockout power, and have both been in some wars, but I think the mileage on Alvarez is just a bit too much and he will get knocked out in the 2nd.

JOHN HARRIS, MMATorch Contributor

I am going with Justin Geathje by 2nd round TKO. Gaethje is a brawler with an iron chin. Alvarez used to be a brawler but has been much more cautious as of late. I look for Gaethje to keep doing what brought him to the dance by moving forward, throwing hard leg kicks and letting his hands go. Alvarez will want to get this fight to the ground by catching some of those legs kicks from Gaethje. I just do not see that happening enough and Alvarez will eat too many hard shots that will eventually allow Gaethje to pick up the win.

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch Columnist

This is one of my most anticipated fights in a while and I think it delivers big. Justin Gaethje is a maniac and Eddie Alvarez is crazy enough to stand with him. I think we get a huge firefight and someone gets knocked out in vicious fashion. I’m going with Gaethje here with the highlight reel knockout in the later parts of round one. This fight might go into the second round, but with the aggression and power of these guys, it’s not as likely as a finish in the first round. This should be awesome.

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