ROUNDTABLE: Who wins the Alistair Overeem vs. Francis Ngannou fight and why?

BY MMATorch Staff

Who wins the Alistair Overeem vs. Francis Ngannou fight and why?

SEAN COVINGTON, MMATorch Contributor

Overeem is definitely going to win this one; too much talent. Ngannou has not faced someone with the level of talent Overeem has. I feel like Ngannou is so much more concerned with his K.O. ability than he is his overall abilities; the same way Johnny Hendricks abandoned his wrestling to chase knockouts. Ngannou could knock Overeem out but he will tire long before that I believe.

DAVE KOULA, MMATorch Contributor

The heavyweight division is always a crap shoot.  Ngannou is undeniably the real deal and there’s a very good chance that he could be the next big thing in the sport.  A win here certainly puts him in title contention, but he’s got a huge step up in competition here.  People doubt Alistair’s chin, and his UFC career hasn’t been super consistent, but outside of the loss to Stipe he’s on a hell of a run against the best in the division.

I think I’ve talked myself into taking Alistair, if he fights a smart fight using his length and reach to keep Ngannou back, uses some of those veteran tricks to take him into the deep water he’s never been in, I think he can get the win and Ngannou is better off for it in the long run.  Nobody is allowed to win more than five fights in a row in the heavyweight division anyway, it’s a rule.  Alistair by decision.

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch Columnist

I’m going with Ngannou to make a statement and finish Overeem by TKO in the first round. I think we see the emergence of a new contender in the heavyweight division and he solidifies himself as a force to be reckoned with. Overeem certainly has the ability to win here, but I think we’re seeing guys going opposite directions. Overeem isn’t slipping much, or doesn’t appear to have slipped much, but he’s not who he once was. On the other hand, Ngannou is exploding onto the scene and rising fast. Ngannou’s hype train might get derailed here, but I think it’s more likely it picks up steam and barrels through another opponent.

JOHN HARRIS, MMATorch Contributor

Francis Ngannou is going to win this fight by 1st round TKO.  Ngannou has the odds stacked against him on paper. Rarely in the heavyweight division do fighters who are significantly over matched  in experience and technical skills come out on top. However, Ngannou is the most physically over powering fighter this division has seen since Brock Lesnar. While  he has a tendency to get hit a bit too much when coming forward I think he will be able to land enough shots on Overeem to finish him off. Overeem has been knocked out several times over the past few years by a variety of opponents. He has turned himself into a very good counter striker in recent years, I just do not think he has the chin to handle the power of  Ngannou.

JOSHUA GARCIA, MMATorch Contributor

Francis Ngannou is really stepping up the competition in this one, and I think he will answer the call and get a knockout on the battle worn chin of Alistair Overeem.  Ngannou will have to be careful with the veteran Overeem, but he will eventually catch Overeem and finish the fight.

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