MMA NERD SPEED RECAP: A quick look back at UFC on Fox 29

Rick Monsey MMATorch contributor

Dustin Poirier after his loss to Michael Johnson (Sean Pokorny © USA Today Sports)

Resident MMA NERD Rick Monsey gives his real-time review of UFC on FOX 29.

Women’s strawweight

Michelle Waterson vs. Cortney Casey

The new “tale of the tape” graphic they use for the FOX cards is interesting.

Round 1: Michelle Waterson appears to have the speed advantage.  Three minutes in, and Cortney Casey’s right hand has connected a couple times.  Waterson scores the takedown and gets in some ground and pound. Armbar attempt from Casey but nothing comes of it.  Waterson gets more ground and pound.  Casey gets up and the round is over.

Good fight so far.  Waterson probably got that one.

Round 2:  Clinch work at the top. Waterson gets some elbows in.  They’re back to the center of the Octagon. Casey’s right hand punch has been effective but it seems to move in slow motion. Waterson gets the takedown and delivers more ground and pound.  Again, another unsuccessful arm bar attempt from Casey. It’s fun to listen to Dominick Cruz and Daniel Cormier argue about positioning in the commentary.  Casey is up but gets kicked and falls to the ground.  It seemed to be a balance issue instead of damage but it still didn’t help her as the round ends. Another round for Waterson.  Casey needs a finish in a bad way.

Round 3:  That right punch of Casey’s is working but that seems to be all she can offer.  Clinch work leads to a takedown for Waterson.  AGAIN, another arm bar attempt from the ground by Casey.  But, like before it fails.  Daniel Cormier says this fight is still up in the air, I disagree. Waterson just turtled up on the ground.  AGAIN, ANOTHER ARMBAR ATTEMPT BY Casey and AGAIN IT DOESN’T WORK. The bell rings.  Okay fight all and all.  I think Waterson won all three rounds.

The judges giving it to Michelle Waterson in a split decision so I was wrong, partly.


Israel Adesanya vs. Marvin Vettori

Tale of tape reveals how Israel Adesanya has such a crazy reach advantage.

Round 1:  Marvin Vettori stays busy and has some moments in the round. Israel Adesanya is less active but the strikes look more effective for him.

It’s hard to say who won that round…  Probably goes to Israel Adesanya.

Round 2:  Vettori looks slow and lumbering.  It’s almost like he’s ready for this fight to be over.  Come on man.  Meanwhile, Adesanya is connecting with some crisp strikes. Vettori seems lost.  This is definitely becoming Adesanya’s fight and a clear round for him.

Round 3:   Vettori scores the takedown which makes things interesting.  Adesanya looks a little lost himself being on his back.  Nothing really happening.  To bad this is how the last round develops.  The bell rings in with an anti-climatic ending.  The fight was okay. Not great but not ugly. It’s another split decision and Israel Adesanya gets the win.  He’s promising but not well rounded, yet.


Carlos Condit vs. Alex Oliveira

Round 1:  Carlos Condit literally jumps into a punch from Oliveira…  Which looked weird.  Alex Oliveira takes Condit down but eventually finds himself under Condit. There’s a battle for wrist control as Condit almost gets Oliveira in a rear naked choke.  Promising first round as this is starting to look like the old Carlos Condit.

Round 2: Condit gets taken down.  Little known fact, every time Condit is on his back my heart breaks a little. Condit reverses and is now on top bleeding all over Oliveira. VIOLENCE!  Oliveira catches Condit in a guillotine choke.  Dominick Cruz and Daniel Cormier argue about positioning in the commentary AGAIN.  Condit submits!  CRAP!  This freakin’ sucks…  Hey, I never said I was impartial.  What could be next for Condit?

I vote for the UFC feeding him CM Punk.  Condit needs a win or retirement.  The sport seems to have passed him by.

Time for the main event!  Hopefully this fight will wash away my depression.  In my MMA NERD article I predicted a win for Dustin Poirier.  My guest “NERD” Annie Muñoz thinks Justin Gaethje will have his hand raised.  Let us see.  Bragging rights are at stake…  This has a big fight feel to it.


Dustin Poirier vs. Justin Gaethje

Round 1:  VIOLENCE!  What a good round! My eyes are glued.  I’m typing quickly in between rounds.  It’s hard to say who got that round but we as the audience are the real winners.

Round 2:  MORE VIOLENCE!  Another great round and is Justin Gaethje fun to watch or what?!   Poirier probably won that round with all those head shots…  but still… Gaethje is a BEAST.  If Gaethje keeps this style up he’s going to have an exciting and short career.

Round 3:  Another great round so far. Point taken away for another eye poke!  Wow, that could affect things. Well that was a bummer way to end another great round.

Round 4:  The round starts hot! Poirier is swinging for the fences and has Gaethje in trouble!  Gaethje is on spaghetti legs!  Gaethje is out on his feet!  Dustin Poirier wins!



Final Thoughts:  Loved the main event.  They speculated that this could be a fight of the year candidate and boy did it deliver.  I really enjoyed watching Justin Gaethje fight but he needs to alter his style. Especially now that he’s in the UFC.  Sure, it might not be as exciting if he’s more defensive but I want to see Gaethje for years and the way he fights not against the elite of the UFC won’t last long.

Otherwise, look forward to more MMA Nerd articles by me in the future and make listen to Robert Vallejos and myself break down the fight card on the up the coming podcast “MMA Talk for Pro Wrestling Fans”.

I am MMA NERD Rick Monsey

To Be Continued…


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