By Michael Grocke, MMATorch contributor

AUGUST 1, 2017

Brendan Fitzgerald and Paul Felder welcomed us to the show and they quickly ran down the card from top to bottom. They then went to Snoop Dogg and Urijah Faber where they talked about creating new words on each telecast.

Main Card

(1) John Castaneda (13-2) vs. Cheyden Leialoha (6-0) – Bantamweight 135 lbs.

Result: John Castaneda over Cheyden Leialoha by Unanimous Decision 

ROUND ONE: Leialoha landed a big head kick as the fight started. He followed up with a takedown 46 seconds into the fight. Leialoha landed some ground and pound which opened Castaneda up, but Leialoha got sloppy which allowed Castaneda to get back to his feet with under three minutes to go in the round. The fight continued on the feet until Castaneda went for a takedown but was stuffed with 45 seconds left. Leialoha got the better of the exchanges on the feet throughout the round.

ROUND TWO: Castaneda came out and landed some sharp kicks and landed a big knee as the round started. With 3:20 left in the round Castaneda flipped the script and started landing his offense. He landed a takedown with 2:30 left and landed some nice ground and pound. Leialoha scrambled and got back to his feet with 1:20 to go in the round. The fight remained on the feet the remainder of the round with Castaneda getting the better of the exchanges.

ROUND THREE: At 4:18 Castaneda took a poke in the eye and time was called. After a minute break they were back to fighting. Castaneda shot in but Leialoha used the fence to remain on his feet. Leialoha came back with a takedown and landed heavy ground and pound with 2:40 to go in the round. Castaneda got back to his feet with 2:20 left. Leialoha took Castaneda’s back with 1:40 to go but Castaneda reversed it and ended up taking the back with one minute to go. He got both hooks in with 26 seconds left but Leialoha scrambled out and the fight ended with both fighters on their feet.

(2) Austin Arnett (15-2) vs. Brandon Davis (7-2) – Featherweight 145 lbs.

Result: Brandon Davis over Austin Arnett by Unanimous Decision

ROUND ONE: Davis landed a big knee 39 seconds in after both fighters came out throwing. Davis mixed up his offense and changed levels well at the start, but Arnett started to find his range as the round progressed. Both fighters were talking trash to each other the entire round. They traded big shots with under a minute to go but Davis got the better of the exchanges.

ROUND TWO: Arnett came out more aggressively to start the second round, but Davis caught him with big right hands. Davis sunk in a standing guillotine with 3:11 to go, but Davis slipped out with 2:45 left and stated landing heavy ground and pound that opened Arnett up. Davis let Arnett up with just under two minutes to go. The fight stayed on the feet and both guys threw massive punches at each other. Davis took one square below the belt and time was called. I mean that was square in the cup, and hard. They went back at it with 56 seconds to go in the round. They traded more big punches with Davis doing a ton of damage as the round ended.

ROUND THREE: Davis continued with steady pressure while landing punches and kicks a minute into the final round. Both guys were exhausted with 3:30 to go because the fight was non-stop action. Davis started to really out-volume Arnett with under two minutes left. They stood in front of each other and threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other for the final two minutes. The fight was bonkers.

Ronaldo Candido (6-0) vs. Carlos Candelario (6-0) – Flyweight 125 lbs.

Result: Carlos Candelario over Ronaldo Candido by Unanimous Decision 

ROUND ONE: After an early flurry from Candelario, Candido shot and landed a takedown 20 seconds into the fight. He had a body triangle locked on in the first minute of the fight. Candelario was able turn into Candido and he turned the tide by landing some decent ground and pound. At the 2:21 mark both fighters were back to their feet. Candido shot with two minutes to go but Candelario was able to fight it off. Candelario hurt Candido with a little over a minute left but he allowed Candido up. It proved to be a mistake because Candido came back and landed a takedown and rode the rest of the round out in top position.

ROUND TWO: Candido had Candelario pinned up against the fence and finished a takedown with 3:40 to go in the round. He took the back and got one hook in with three minutes to go. Candelario turned into Candido and ended up in top position and started landing ground and pound with under two minutes left in the round. Candido went for a calf slicer but Candelario escaped with 40 seconds left and landed more ground and pound. Candelario ended the round on top.

ROUND THREE: The fight was fought on the feet until Candido had Candelario pinned against the cage with 3:30 left in the round. With under three minutes to go Candido was working from top position. Candidio remained working from top position and landed heavy ground and pound. He went for an arm-triangle with 45 seconds left, but Candelario slipped out with 20 seconds left. The fight ended with Candido on top landing punches.

James Gray (4-1) vs. Kyler Phillips (4-0) – Bantamweight 135 lbs. 

Result: Kyler Phillips over James Gray by TKO (0:46 of Round 1)

ROUND ONE: Gray went for a single leg but Phillips landed big elbows with his back against the cage that hurt Gray. Gray went to the ground and Phillips was content with letting him back up until he realized how hurt Gray was. Phillips pounced and landed a few more punches to a grounded Gray who was not fighting back and the fight was stopped.

Phillip Hawes (4-1) vs. Julian Marquez (5-1) – Middleweight 185 lbs.

Result: Julian Marquez over Phillip Hawes by Knockout (2:20 of Round 2)

ROUND ONE: Hawes went for a single leg early but Marquez defended it. Hawes tried for it again and was able to land it with 3:50 to go. He landed heavy ground and pound from top position until he took the back with 2:20 left in the round. Marquez was able to work out and they fought from center octagon. Marquez landed a takedown and tried for a rear-naked choke but Hawes was able to get out. Once back to their feet Hawes landed another takedown with 1:05 left in the round and he rode the remainder of the round out working from top position.

ROUND TWO: Marquez landed a huge combination that put Hawes on the canvass as soon as the round started. Marquez followed Hawes to the ground and landed big shots. Hawes got back to his feet with 3:50 to go but he was hurt. Marquez landed a takedown with a little over three minutes to go and he landed heavy ground and pound. Marquez let Hawes back to his feet and as Hawes was getting up Marquez landed one of the most devastating head kicks you’ll ever see. Hawes was knocked out cold. Wow!

Dana White chose Brandon Davis and Julian Marquez as the newest members of the UFC. This might have been the easiest decisions of the season so far for White. Marquez was a shoe-in with that devastating finish of Hawes, and Davis’s style is exactly what the UFC is looking for.


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