HYDEN: Georges St. Pierre, Fabirico Werdum, Max Holloway, and Cody Garbrandt vs. Dominick Cruz

By Frank Hyden, MMATorch contributor

Anthony Pettis (photo credit Joe Camporeale © USA Today Sports)

We’re on the eve of the biggest and most stacked card in MMA history, as UFC 205 takes place in just over a. I’ve already gone over the card, but it’s truly stacked like no other. Three title fights, one of which is a champion vs. champion fight, as well as numerous fights featuring former champions or top contenders. UFC 205 looms large, but there’s also some other news going on. Let’s take a look at several of those hot topics unrelated to UFC 205.

-The return of Georges St. Pierre seems more and more imminent every day. Even UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping said that he had agreed to fight GSP at UFC 206. This was quickly refuted by the UFC and GSP. However, with the way things are going, that very well may come to pass. For his part, Bisping has already moved on to call out Nick Diaz for that UFC 206 fight. I think GSP returns to the UFC at some point, there’s just too much money for them to not bring him back.

Staff08Hyden_150-Fabricio Werdum has been relieved of his broadcasting duties with the UFC after he posted a picture protesting the UFC-Reebok sponsorship deal. He was wearing a UFC fight kit, but with the logo modified to be the Nike logo. That obviously didn’t sit well with Reebok, but I think the antagonistic language Werdum wrote under the photo played a larger role. Werdum captioned the photo telling Reebok to “suck my balls.” That wasn’t a smart move. I’m all for protesting what you consider to be unfair, and I do agree that the Reebok deal hasn’t been the greatest thing for many fighters, but this was just bad form. You cloud your message with divisive talk. We see that with a lot of protests, including a few that are currently going on right now in the world. When you protest, you don’t want it to be about anything other than what your message is.

-Max Holloway has signed on to fight Anthony Pettis at UFC 206. I don’t know if Pettis would deserve a title shot if he wins, but there’s no question that Holloway would deserve one if he wins. I don’t know when that would be, as both the champion and interim champion in the Featherweight Division are in a state of flux, but there could be no doubt that Holloway would be deserving. As for the fight itself, I could it see being an exciting affair or a grinding dullfest. Neither guy is going to want to end up on a highlight reel so I could see them both being more cautious, especially given the stakes. Hopefully this ends up being good, as this fight brings some name value to UFC 206.

-Cody Garbrandt is scheduled to fight UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz at UFC 207 at the end of the year. I’m a little surprised that T.J. Dillashaw isn’t the one getting the shot, but Garbrandt certainly has the capability of ending things with his power. I can’t expect that, though, as Cruz has proven that his mobility is nearly without equal. He’s also a very cerebral fighter so Garbrandt is going to have his hands full in this fight. I expect Cruz to win, but with the way champions have lost this year, it’s definitely possible that Cruz loses. This is the same card that see Ronda Rousey return, as she fights UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes, so it’s great that Garbrandt-Cruz is the co-main event. This should be a high-quality fight that a lot of people should watch, and they will because of the attention that Rousey will bring. That’s a great thing.

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