GSP says he “used a lot of F words” in heated post-UFC 167 meeting with White and Fertitta

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

George St. Pierre (photo by Jason Silva © USA Today Sports)

“I’m not going to tell you exactly what was said. But I was very pissed off and I used a lot of F words. …  I was very angry, they did not support me because of the testing issues for the doping, they did not support me  for the anti-doping. And I told them, why they didn’t support for this, and I didn’t understand it. I said ‘you guys need to wake up, because a lot of people are cheating, and stuff, and it’s a freaking joke. You guys are kind of protecting these guys, and it shouldn’t be like that.’ I was very angry… I didn’t know something bad was going on until they say ‘you’re not allowed to go to the press conference.’ I found that it was kind of weird, I was waiting in the locker room a long time, it was like, that was kind of weird. It wasn’t until afterwards that I realized what was going on… Now that I look back, I know that they knew. I’m not stupid, I know it’s business, you spend a million dollars promoting the fight, so they lose a lot of money. it’s not in their best interest to make the drug test the best possible, because they lose money if the fight gets cancelled. So I told them it might take a year, you’re going to lose money for a year because a lot of your main stars, a lot of your guys, will fall and test positive, they might hurt the image of the sport. But after a year, it will put back everything straight.”

-Georges St-Pierre discusses the odd, mid-press conference backstage meeting he had with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta after UFC 167 in Nov. 2013 in an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

Penick’s Analysis: Seeing fighters like St-Pierre and Jon Jones come out about mistreatment by the UFC simply lends further credence to all other stories heard over the years from fighters who were perhaps written off as simply disgruntled with the organization. St-Pierre’s obviously to a point where, whether he comes back or not, he’s not holding his thoughts back like he was in the past. His point about the UFC protecting guys is on point as well, because whether intentional or through willful ignorance, we know of at least one fighter they allowed to fight while on an unacceptable level of testosterone in Vitor Belfort, and their lack of testing allowed just about anything to be done. St-Pierre may yet return to the cage, but it’s clear he hasn’t forgotten why he left in the first place.

[Photo (c) Jason Silva via USA Today Sports]

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