ROUNDTABLE (pt. 2 of 2): If Bobby Lashley went to UFC, who would be the appropriate first opponents for him, and how close is he to a Top 15 Hvt?

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If Bobby Lashley were to sign with UFC, play match-maker and name your top two choices that you think would make the most sense for him to face first. He doesn’t make our Heavyweight Rankings. How close is he to making your top ten or top 15 list, and where is he coming up short?

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch contributor

I’d put Bobby Lashley right on the edge of the top 15, and even the top 10. It’s so hard to say because the Heavyweight Division is so wide open. Is it really so unthinkable that guys like Travis Browne, Derrick Lewis, Matt Mitrione, Stefan Struve, Jared Rosholdt, Roy Nelson, and others are really much better than Lashley? I think he’s just as good as those guys, if not better. I think you could make a good argument for Lashley easily being in the top 10. The division worldwide is just so completely nuts that almost nothing is impossible. Guys routinely jump or fall numerous spots all the time and it seems like there’s at least five guys who are one win away from getting a title shot at all moments. In terms of whom he would fight, I would put him against just about anyone in the division, but I think Roy Nelson or Stefan Struve or Travis Browne would be my top choices. I wouldn’t favor Lashley in any of those fights, but it really wouldn’t be that big a shock if he were to win.

MICHAEL GROCKIE, MMATorch contributor

The two names that come to mind are Travis Browne and Brock Lesnar. Travis Browne makes sense because he’s a fighter who’s currently ranked no. 9 by the UFC and no. 12 here at MMATorch, and he’s also a fighter who seems be trending downward. The problem is I don’t think Bobby Lashley would fare too well against anyone ranked in the top 10 in the UFC as the skill level is leaps and bounds superior to that of Bellator’s heavyweight division. I think the UFC would have a hard time selling a fight between Lashley and a fighter ranked in the 12-15 range due to the fact Bobby Lashley doesn’t have the name value of C.M. Punk or Brock Lesnar.

Speaking of Brock Lesnar, the lifelong wrestling fan in me would love to see a showdown between the two part-time professional wrestlers. While it might not be a fight die-hard MMA fans would be interested in, I think it would definitely draw in the casual fan.


Roy Nelson would definitely be my choice for an interesting matchup to see just about how close he is to a top 15 slot. A second choice would be someone the likes of Todd Duffee, which would be a dangerous opponent but a good test of skill.

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