MONDAY NEWS DIGEST 7/31: Anthony Johnson will fight Jon Jones IF… C.M. Punk update, Tyron Woodley on GSP (w/Analysis)

C.M. Punk (photo credit Jayne Kamin-Oncea © USA Today Sports)

Lightweight Drew Dober fought at 183 pounds

Drew Dober scored an impressive knockout win over Josh Burkman at UFC 214, but news later surfaced that he weighed 183 pounds by the time that he entered the cage. This mean that he was basically a middleweight by the time that he fought, which is crazy if you think about it. Following the win, the California State Athletic Commission stated that due to the massive weight cut, Dober will not be allowed to compete at 155 again unless he is cleared to do so by a doctor.

Dober has replied and stated that he will visit the UFC Performance Center and decide from there what weight class is best for his body and for the future of his career. Dober also mentioned that he would like to compete in a potential 165-pound division, but according to Dana White that division isn’t likely to come around anytime soon.

Cole’s Analysis: Drew Dober has a lot of muscle on his body, but still I am surprised to find out that he weighs as much as he does. This is a tough break for him, but hopefully he will get things figured out so that he can continue his career. He had an impressive performance on Saturday night.

Anthony Johnson will fight John Jones IF…

Anthony Johnson retired a few months ago and since then he has constantly hinted at a comeback. When asked by Ariel Helwani if he would consider a return, he said yes, but only under certain conditions. Johnson stated he would return only to fight Jon Jones, and only if the money was right. Johnson believes that he if would have hit Jones with some of the shots that Cormier did, then it would have been enough to take him out.

Henry’s Analysis: This is a match up that makes some people salivate, and I am one of them. Hopefully this fight comes together sometime in the future.

C.M. Punk returning to UFC?

Duke Roufus seemed to hint recently that C.M. Punk could possibly return to the UFC soon. In an Instagram post that seemed to run down his team, Roufus included Punk against an opponent that is to be decided. Punk hasn’t fought since his first-round loss to Mickey Gall, but has stated that he would like to fight again.

Tyron Woodley thinks he is the best welterweight if GSP doesn’t fight him

Tyron Woodley feels mistreated, and maybe he is. But comments like this don’t do him any favors…Following the announcement that Georges St. Pierre will return against Michael Bisping, Woodley came out and said that if GSP never fights him, then he is basically by default the best welterweight ever. Now obviously this logic is flawed.

Even if Woodley did beat GSP, it is a GSP that is much older that he was in his prime and coming off a long layoff. While they are roughly the same age, GSP has many more miles on him, so whatever GSP we see will probably be in some way diminished.

Henry’s Analysis: This is just an attempt at self-promotion by Woodley. He is upset that he is not getting the fight; I would be to if I were him. But from the outside looking in it makes total since his fight with Damian Maia was a bit of a drag, so why reward him with a big money fight? I don’t agree with Woodley’s statements hear, but I do understand his frustration.

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