TUESDAY TRIVIA: Tito Ortiz is tied with which two UFC veterans for the most UFC fights in company history?

By D.R. Webster, MMATorch contributor

Tito Ortiz (photo by Wade Keller © MMATorch)

QUESTION: Tito Ortiz faces Chael Sonnen on Jan. 21 at the Forum in Los Angeles, Calif. for Bellator in what could be his final fight. Both of these men were huge names for the UFC with Ortiz being one of the faces of the brand during his Light Heavyweight Title run. He is tied with two men for most fights in UFC history at 27. Who are the other two fighters?


(a) Frank Mir

(b) Anderson Silva

(c) Michael Bisping

(d) Dan Henderson

ANSWERS: The correct answers are (a) and (c) and not (d) and (b).

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