Dan Henderson on UFC 204: “It’s going to be fun to knock Bisping out again in Manchester for my last fight”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Dan Henderson (photo credit Derick E. Hingle © USA Today Sports)

“Well, obviously, for my last fight, it would’ve been nice to have it in the U.S. but to have the opportunity to finish with the belt was too much to turn down. It couldn’t be passed up. It doesn’t matter to me at all. The Octagon is the same wherever it is in the world, and it’s going to be fun to knock Bisping out again in Manchester for my last fight… All I know is that he’s hard to understand and that he’s going to be fun to knock out again. I’m not someone that sends messages to my opponent before a fight but if I had to send one, I would say that he needs to be careful what he asks for because he might just get it – trust me, he’s going to get it.”

-Dan Henderson talks to Jim Edwards at FloCombat.com about his final fight with Michael Bisping for the UFC Middleweight Championship at UFC 204.

Penick’s Analysis: There is every possibility that Dan Henderson goes out of the sport as the UFC Middleweight Champion. He knocked Bisping out seven years ago, and despite his struggles in recent years that power in his right hand is ever-present. Bisping has been stopped since then as well, and he’s vulnerable as champion even to a contender who doesn’t really belong there right now. It’d be one hell of a story if Henderson wins and walks out as champion, but it’s up to Bisping to make sure he avoids that fate a second time.

[Photo (c) Derek E. Hingle via USA Today Sports]

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1 Comment on Dan Henderson on UFC 204: “It’s going to be fun to knock Bisping out again in Manchester for my last fight”

  1. I just hope that if Henderson wins and retires that the UFC, just this once, sets up a tournament. There’s a clear delineation between title contenders and journeymen in this division (other than the fact that the sitting champ is a journeyman, but shut up).

    Top 4 seeds in no particular order
    Rockhold – former champ
    Weidman – former champ
    Bisping – former champ
    Jacare – #1 contender right now in a fair world

    Next 4 seeds
    Silva – former former former long ago champ
    Romero – undefeated (sorta)
    Belfort – Gotta have a villain
    Mousasi – worthy #8. Could be Kennedy or Whittaker or Machida if he were eligible


    There’s an 8 man field, with 6 guys who can fight on the same cards as alternates.


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