Tyron Woodley reacts to Dana White saying Stephen Thompson is next, says he hasn’t agreed to an opponent or date

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Dana White said on Friday that Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson was getting the next shot at the UFC Welterweight Championship, but new champ Tyron Woodley doesn’t seem so quick to agree with that stance.

In reaction to White’s comments on Twitter, Woodley made it clear that he’s not ready to give up on a fight with Georges St-Pierre or someone else with potential to bring him a higher payday.

Penick’s Analysis: That’s the thing with Dana White saying something’s going to happen – it might not go down that way. Him saying Thompson is next makes it a possibility, but they haven’t convinced Woodley to take that fight over something else that could be out there. It makes sense to make that fight, of course, but Woodley believes GSP is the man to face next. It’s not going to happen in NYC if St-Pierre is insistent on no special treatment in the USADA window for returning fighters, so Woodley’s going to have to wait him out, but it’s obvious that he still wants that fight no matter what White or anyone else wants to say.

[Photo (c) Butch Dill via USA Today Sports]

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