Conor McGregor: UFC 200 will do OK numbers on PPV, but won’t beat UFC 196 or UFC 202

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Conor McGregor (Photo credit Gary A. Vasquez © USA Today)

“I’m happy with my No. 1 spot currently. It’s the No. 1 pay-per-view in the company’s history. People think UFC 100 done more pay-per-view buys, but it didn’t. Know that. I feel this will do well, even though Jon Jones and Cormier was off, the last contest done 750,000 buys. It was a five-rounder. It wasn’t the best contest, I didn’t feel. It was OK. I don’t feel that was the attraction. I think bringing Brock back is the attraction to the card.. I think it will do OK numbers, but it won’t take UFC 196 for the top spot and it certainly won’t take 202 off the top spot. No way.”

-During Thursday’s pre-fight press conference for UFC 202, Conor McGregor gave his thoughts on where UFC 200 will fall on the all-time pay-per-view buyrate list for the UFC (transcribed by

Penick’s Analysis: Because the pay-per-view price in 2016 is so much higher than it was in 2009, it’s still not entirely clear if UFC 196 simply did more business monetarily or if it indeed bested UFC 100 from actual buys, but McGregor would have had auditing rights to know for sure and the UFC isn’t publicly disputing him. Still, UFC 202 is probably going to do better than UFC 200 because of all of the changes and the shakeups this week, though 200 should still wind up with a strong number overall. UFC 202 is going to be very big for the UFC next month, so even if 200 isn’t a record-breaker they’ve salvaged two big buyrates this summer.

[Photo (c) Gary A. Vasquez via USA Today Sports]

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