Jose Aldo to Conor McGregor: “You will come back with your tail between your legs after that embarrassment”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Jose Aldo

“You will come back [to the featherweight division] with your tail between your legs after what happened, after that embarrassment. You will come back. My hand almost caught you, but when it does for good, you will sleep… I’m waiting for the rematch. It’s the right thing to do in my opinion because there was no fight, and everybody wants to see a fight. Everybody wants to see me beating him up, and that’s what I’m going to do. I will run through him, that’s a fact. I don’t see other scenario in my head besides going there and winning, and getting my belt back.”

-Jose Aldo talks to Globo in Brazil about Conor McGregor and why he’s still waiting out the rematch (translated via

Penick’s Analysis: If the reports of a McGregor-Diaz rematch are accurate, then who knows when or even if Aldo will get his rematch. On that end, it’s another ridiculous aspect to the McGregor-Diaz rematch getting booked, because if there was a deserving immediate rematch, it was for Aldo after a ten year unbeaten streak. If McGregor-Diaz happens, Aldo’s probably more likely to face Frankie Edgar for an Interim Title, but until something gets made official with McGregor we can only speculate.

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