RFA 36 LIVE RESULTS: Penick’s on-site coverage of AXS TV event from Minnesota

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

RFA 36
MARCH 4, 2016

Resurrection Fighting Alliance is back in Minnesota tonight with a five fight main card set for AXS TV. The planned main event was scrapped on Thursday when Featherweight Title challenger Landon Vannata missed weight, as a non-title bout with champ Raoni Barcelos did not come together. We’ll be live on-site from the Mystic Lake Casino tonight, and will be providing fight results and commentary throughout tonight’s broadcast, so follow along tonight as it kicks off on AXS TV at 10PM ET!

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=====AXS TV Main Card======

-Alex Wiggs vs. Bobby Lee (Lightweight)

Round One: Pace was quick to start off. Wiggs cracked Lee with a few strikes, which forced Lee to go to his ground game, which was superior throughout the round. Clear style vs style fight, as Wiggs scored on the feet while he could keep it there, and Lee controlling in the ground. He had a two minute mount to end the round but did nothing with it. Lee takes the round.

Round Two: Fairly ridiculous round. Lee got hurt early, scored a takedown, got reversed, but Wiggs didn’t know what he was doing on the ground. Lots more exhaustion level position changes until late when Wiggs landed a front kick as Lee was on a knee to lose a point. Wiggs round but the point made it 9-9.

Round Three: War of exhaustion, with a few more position reversals on the ground as both had little left. Wiggs did more damage, but Lee had more time in control and probably takes the decision here.

Winner: Lee via majority decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28)

Decent fight, but both were quite drained for much of the final ten minutes. Thankfully the point deduction didn’t really come into play with Lee taking two rounds on two scorecards anyway.

-Lemetra Griffin vs. Logan Storley (Welterweight)

Round One: Storley, out of Power MMA with C.B. Dollaway in his corner, starched Griffin in 33 seconds. Hurt him with the first punch kept on him on the ground with strikes and Griffin could only cover up until it was stopped.

Winner: Storley via TKO at :33 of the first round

Griffin was cannon fodder there, but good work from Storley nonetheless.

-Dan Moret vs. Josh Wick (Featherweight)

Round One: All Moret to start. Wick looks extremely young, and he took some big shots before getting taken down. He’s scrappy, though, and attacked for an armbar at one point to nearly sweep. Moret escaped and controlled the rest of the round on top. 10-9 Moret.

Round Two: Another Moret round. Some decent kicks exchanged early, but Moret then got Wick to then he ground and stayed busy enough to keep it there through the rest of the round. 10-9 Moret again.

Round Three: Whole lotta nothing. Moret got an early takedown into side control, eventually got pulled back to guard, and after not doing much on top had to fight off a kimura attempt the last 30 seconds. Kind of dull fight, but Moret should sweep the cards here.

Winner: Moret via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-37)

-Reese Hernandez vs. Kassius Kayne (Welterweight)

Round One: Hernandez tried desperately throughout the round to get Kayne down after a brutal early body kick. He succeeded once briefly, but Kayne worked offensively while stuffing the attempts throughout an did significant body damage to take the round.

Round Two: Very different round. Hernandez got the takedown, and pretty much held top control for the entire round, with the exception of a couple brief sweeps from which he regained position. Even into the third.

Round Three: Another round controlled by Hernandez on the ground. It got there when Kayne tried to jump a guillotine, and it was almost all Hernandez from there. It was mostly control, though he nearly secured an armbar before settling for top position down the stretch.

Winner: Hernandez via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

It was alright. Not a ton of action outside of the late armbar attempt.

-Melvin Blumer vs. Matt Murphy (Featherweight)

Round One: Good opening frame. Blumer landed a series of really nice left hands, and did some solid work on the ground early on. He then pulled off a great transition at the cage to take Murphy’s back, but Murphy did enough to defend and avoid the submission attempts. 10-9 Blumer.

Round Two: Easy work for Blumer this time around. Got Murphy to the ground after catching a kick, took his back fairly quickly from there, then locked on a rear naked choke and forced a furious tap.

Winner: Blumer via submission  (rear naked choke) at 1:23 of the the second round

Nice work from Blumer. Murphy was overmatched, and it showed.

-Matt Brown vs. Chico Camus (Flyweight)

Round One: Camus had a strong round for 4:55, landing several combinations and continuing to press with strikes while Brown missed. Then he got tagged with a left and knocked down just before the end of the round. He survived to the second. Hard round to score with the late knock down.

Round Two: Could be some interesting scores in this round as well. Camus landed a few solid strikes, and got two takedown with several minutes on top, but Brown was highly active from the bottom and attacked for two submissions. Probably Camus’ round, but it was close again.

Round Three: Biggest round of the fight, should be 10-8 Camus. He out-struck Brown for the first three minutes, then took him down. He also finished in the final minute in the mount raining down punches.

Winner: Camus via unanimous decision  (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Thanks for following along with tonight’s report! We’ll have quick results from tonight’s Bellator 151 card later and we’re back with live coverage of UFC 196 tomorrow night!

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