Aljamain Sterling talks fighter pay in the UFC, rails against critical fellow fighters

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

“The main thing is we are bringing in the big bucks in terms of the UFC’s promotion. They’re doing a phenomenal job promoting the sport and their brand which is the UFC. So with that they need a product and we are the product, so even if one individual fighter isn’t a big enough name to promote or sell-out on pay-per-views or whatever it is, I do believe we are the product and we are the reason why they are where they are today… There’ve been a couple of fighters out there who have been chirping and saying ‘Aljamain Sterling, all he does is whine and complain about money on Twitter’. But it’s like ‘dude, do you guys have any idea what complaining and whining is?’ I’m asking for a legitimate raise with legitimate reason for a raise. ‘So if you consider that whining, I hate to see the offers UFC gives you guys and you just instantly sign because you guys are punks.'”

-Aljamain Sterling talks to Irish radio show Off The Ball about the status of fighter pay in the UFC, and addresses those who criticize him speaking out.

Penick’s Analysis: Sterling’s absolutely on the mark in his thinking, and any fighter saying he’s “whining” or “complaining” should instead be looking out for their own interests. It’s outspoken fighters like Sterling who enact change, and those who stay complacent and simply do whatever the UFC wants without question absolutely wind up leaving money on the table in their careers.

[Photo (c) Bill Streicher via USA Today Sports]

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