UFC 194’s Conor McGregor says he’s lost his mind in the game “like Vincent Van Gogh”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

“Let them believe it’s talk. There’s a reason why I talk this way. It’s because I’m supremely confident in my abilities… I’m so lost in it that I can’t imagine anything else. Like Vincent Van Gogh. He lost his mind in his game. I have lost my mind also. But I am happy with that. I feel to reach the high pinnacle in anything you do, you must almost become insane to what you are doing.”

-UFC 194 headliner Conor McGregor talks about his mindset in a profile piece on the Wall Street Journal.

Penick’s Analysis: He’s absolutely gone full out with this persona, and it’s gradually gained steam throughout his run in the organization. It’s evolved from fight to fight, and with the results he’s had professionally – and most especially monetarily – it makes sense for him to continue on with it. Now, could that lead to burnout? Could his flame flicker out and die at this pace? Absolutely. But he’s going to ride this train for as long as he possibly can, and a win over Jose Aldo on Saturday night will likely keep it sustainable for a considerable amount of time.

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