Johny Hendricks on UFC 192 scratch, weight cut issues: “I think I have to lose more fat or move up”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Johny Hendricks

Johny Hendricks is pondering his future after a bad weight-cut left him hospitalized and scrapped his fight with Tyron Woodley from Saturday’s UFC 192 event.

Explaining what happened in an interview with on Friday, Hendricks said he’s going to need to figure something out, with a potential move to 185 lbs. a likely possibility.

“The weight was coming off fine and then yesterday my body just started to shut down,” Hendricks said. “Then yesterday my body just started to shut down. When it hit that point, I tried to push through it, and well, it didn’t go well because then I had to go to the ER… The body is hurting bad and sore from it. The body hasn’t recovered from it yet, but maybe it will tomorrow.

“I think I have to lose more fat or move up,” he continued. “We might move up to 185 [lbs], but I want to get home and start testing myself on body fat and try to work it down and see if that’s going to work in a mini weight cut. Then that’s when I can really focus on what’s next. If it doesn’t go go good, then it’s 185 [lbs] for sure. I still enjoy fighting, just not the weight cut.

“I’m sorry. I am learning and always will be learning about my weight. I’m sorry for this. It was going great until my body started to shut down and when that happened I didn’t want to stop because of the fans, but I want to fight again and if I hurt my body too bad I won’t be able to. I want to say sorry. It won’t happen again, and I will get better from this.”

Penick’s Analysis: Hendricks has allowed himself to walk around at far too high a weight to safely make it to welterweight on a consistent basis. If he wants to stay in this weight class he clearly needs to do something about his weight in the time before he needs to begin the cut. It’s not healthy, nor acceptable, for something like what happened here to happen. It’s a highly unfortunate situation, and Hendricks is in a bad spot because of it.

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