Frustrated Tyron Woodley on UFC 192 scratch: “Hopefully I’m compensated accordingly… this shouldn’t be a strike against me”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Tyron Woodley is understandably frustrated with his UFC 192 bout getting scratched, and he’s hoping the UFC will take care of him with more than just his show money.

On top of that, Woodley hopes this doesn’t set him back any further as far as the title picture is concerned.

“I’m frustrated, obviously,” Woodley said in an interview with “I’m always trying to look for the lesson in things and positive signs. I believe things happen for a reason. I’m counting this as a loss for him. You got to make the weight. I’m sitting here at weight, wired, ready to wage war and now I’m not going to get that opportunity.

“Hopefully I’m compensated accordingly because this shouldn’t be a strike against me,” he continued. “It’s almost as if I lost if I just get show money. I could have been knocked out in the first minute and just get show money. I hope and pray I am taken care of because I had a lot of plans for that win money.

“And I shouldn’t have to fight anyone else, do anything else spectacular … nothing . I should be next for the title shot now. It’s called professional mixed martial arts for a reason. There should be some level of professionalism involved.”

As far as the title is concerned, Woodley may be in luck, as UFC President Dana White is saying he’ll be next to face the winner of Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit from UFC 195.

Penick’s Analysis: A promised title shot doesn’t really mean much, but Woodley’s absolutely now the top contender because of this. He may yet need to fight again to stay busy (although with two opponents in a row having serious weight issues he may hold out for that title fight), but he may take the layoff and wait for the Lawler-Condit winner instead. It’s a crappy situation all around, and for his sake hopefully the UFC will indeed give him his win bonus here despite the fight not happening. He’s planning to make weight today at the weigh-ins because that’s what he signed on to do; they should absolutely not hold Hendricks’ failure to make weight against him.

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